Thursday, 1 December 2011

Christmas Countdown Begins!


Oh gosh, can you believe how quickly this year has gone?! Crazy! Last night we got our heads down and got a load of work done, orders finished, ready to post out... so that we'd have lots of time to Christmas up Twee Towers, couldn't wait a minute longer to get all festive up in here!

We stuck on Phil Spector's 'Christmas Gift for You' - which really is the ULTIMATE Christmas album, The Crystals, Ronettes and Darlene Love. Perfection!

Got out some festive snacks. Red wine, pretzels and chilli olives. Yum!

And made a start on our little tree for the studio :)

A lot of love for this funny mismatched tree - it was Rhi's very first Christmas tree from her last house, there was only room for one as tiny as this! The decs are a mix of everything we had in the Christmas box, last years decs, hand me downs, special ones that have been treasured for years...

Silver shoe - saved from a very fashionable Christmas tree from Rhi's old flat in London.

Love that orange disco bauble!

Pink shoe is a special Harrods decoration! We collect one or two extra nice decs each year from the amazing Harrods Christmas shop!

We also got a bit festive throughout the rest of Twee Towers, we'll show you the rest of the decs soon... Can't wait to put our big tree up in the living room - we were going to hold off for a little longer but I really don't think we'll be able to resist much longer!

So looking forward to the rest of this month - so much going on, hope you'll be counting down with us! 24 Sleeps till Christmas! Eeee!

Much festive love.

R&L xx

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::: Wild lola {Naia} said...

it´s so exciting!! we´re looking forward Christmas!

nice shoe from Harrods!

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