Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas Twee // Candy Gifts & Twee Treats...

Hey Sweets,

Quick little post from Rhi - I've been making lots of sweeties lately for gifts and for the Super Candy Table at Little M's birthday party and thought I'd post some very quick and easy recipes for anyone scrambling for some last minute gift ideas. Lola's been up in Liverpool the past few days on a festive break with J, and I've been poorly so not had a chance too photograph our own offerings (I remembered this suddenly as Little M skipped off to nursery this morning, my homemade treats in hand!) so I've borrowed some beautiful pics from the net, my candies looked as lovely as this, honest!

{Peppermint Bark}

Our friends and readers across the pond will be familiar with this festive classic treat but I think a fair few of our fellow Brits have yet to be introduced to the wonder that is Peppermint Bark...

You will need:

12 candy canes
400g White Chocolate
400g Milk/Dark Chocolate

Slightly different to the pic above, I did my peppermint bark in 2 batches - a white chocolate and a milk chocolate in seperate super thin and tasty layers.

1. Put your canes in a bag and have fun smashing them to smitherines :)

2. Melt your first chocolate (white or milk/dark) - I did 200g at a time on a medium heat in the microwave, though you may prefer to do it double-boiler style.

3. When all melted spread onto a large baking tray lined with greaseproof paper

4. Sprinkle with half the smash up candy canes
5. Chill in the fridge till hard and crisp & snap into big slices. Repeat with the other chocolate.

{Coconut Ice}

A firm favourite in my family, I'll be whipping some more up in the next few days to take along to various festive family functions.

You will need:

400g Tin Condensed Milk

340g Icing Sugar

340g Dessicated Coconut

Food colouring

1. Mix the coconut ice and icing sugar together until combined

2. Add in the coconut and mix well (note: it gets really thick & difficult to mix but keep going!)

3. Seperate into 2 halfs, add food colouring to one half (I used yellow to match M's party this week, but will probably go for festive reds and greens for Christmassy parties!)

4. Press white layer into a deep tin, lined with greaseproof paper, smooth top with the back of a spoon and then repreat with coloured layer, again smoothing out with a spoon
5. Chill overnight (or till set) and cut into big squares.

We've also been dipping marshmallows in coloured chocolates & decorating and making up candy jars a la Kate from Kates Irrelevant... Don't forget to check out our guest post for Kate for another gorgeous but purse friendly gift idea.

Can't wait for Lola to get back and share her tales of Sir Paul and life in the home of the Beatles! No doubt she'll tell you all about it soon too :)

Much love,

Rhi xx


E is for Eleanor said...

I love coconut ice!! Must try this :D Great post x

N* said...

mmmm... yummy... i'll try 1st one :)

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