Friday, 2 December 2011

Wear Your Old Band Tee To Work Day!


Today is 'Wear Your Old Band T-shirt To Work' day! Advocated by Steve Lamacq & BBC 6 Music, the cause urges every genuine music fan around the UK to join in the fight to reclaim our old band t-shirts from the fashionistas.

Throughout the years, we have been partial to purchase the odd music tee for fashion's sake (we've both got H&M's replica of The Clash's London Calling tee circa 2005... sorry) but we do like to think of ourselves as genuine music fans.

Brought up to appreciate the greats, in addition to the plethora of sugary pop that was produced to appeal to young girls in the 90s. That's not to say it was always appreciated at the time, Lola was still a little perturbed that her momma convinced her to spend her money on an Oasis album rather than Spice Girls first AMAZING effort at the of six (s'ok guys, she finally got her copy of 'Spice' at the grand ol'age of 17) and humming along to The Eagles & Rod Stewart in the back of Rhi's dad’s car on day trips wouldn't have been our first choice at the time but we can say thank you to our parents now for dragging us through those tumultuous times.

We suppose it was those early educations that resulted in our early teenage discovery the absolute excitement and magic of attending live shows and being totally enchanted by the band and by music. For both of us, nothing compares to that feeling.

It was a tough choice deciding which tee to put on this morning. Admittedly, when most of our tees (Led Zeppelin, The Mars Volta, The Horrors...) were purchased as teenagers, we were a little more angsty and our eyeliner sat a little heavier around the eye. Rhi's Pink Floyd is now worn preciously as a slumber-time tee (it's always hard to bring back clothes in to the day-to-day arena once it's been demoted to nightwear) and Lola's Libertines tour tee has shrunken so much that it would probably fit Little M.

Rhi went for The Maccabees tee that she got free after street-teaming for a show they did with Jack Penate around 2006/07.

After staying at boy’s abode, Lola had to dig around in the J’s wardrobe and borrowed his Velvet Underground tee for the day. After Hours is one of her absolute faves!

What tee have you decided to wear today?

Much love,

L&R xx


Lauren said...

I actually wore my Tom Jones: Sexbomb t-shirt yesterday. Around the house. I wouldn't dare wear it out in public! Most of my "legit" band tees are from high school, so they're pretty nasty by now. You've reminded me I need to dig out one of my Eagles t-shirts--it's very tight and it has a cow skull on it. I should definitely start wearing it out of the house again! :-)

Anonymous said...

I remember the Maccabees and Jack Penate gig in Northampton as a fond memory.

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