Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Big Bowl Off...

On the eve of Sunday 4th December, 8 close acquaintances gathered at a delightfully tacky 50s-styled bowling alley for what was to be an epic battle of Man vs Pin. After warming up with a nice cold pint of pure confidence, the comrades conversed, sizing up their competitors and noting any weaknesses that could be used to ones advantage in the bowling arena...

The competitors were: Two Twee Towers inhabitants, Lola & Rhi; one graphic designer colour wizard Chris; a master of satirical humour, Jack; Lola's lover & member of The Moons, James; Twee Towers' wine night regulars Carla and Ellie and a creator of loud noise and member of Crows, Andy.

Never as cute as you'd hope they'd be, we were not phased by the shoe monstrosities that were forced upon us in the crucial moments leading up to the battle.

Lola's (bowling) game face.

Ready to roll... in to the gutters.

Our weapons of mass pin-struction.

Rhi pulled out the side swoop before finishing with... nil point.

Lola demonstrating sensational (accidental) curve ball... which seemed to work, much to her own surprise.

Don't be fooled, behind the pleasant smile is a bowling ninja. It was probably all the 'bowling tips' you-tubing that he did before but we were all blindsided nonetheless.

Chris, brushes up on his 'technique' after a somewhat disappointing first round for the wizard hopeful.

Smiles disguise the secret plans for sabotage.

We stopped to refuel mid-battle with a tasty Wimpy treat.

The moment that Lola started to see victory, Chris hangs his head in anticipated defeat.

The final scores, Jack raced to victory with an outstanding score (probably not the in the grand scheme of professional bowling) of 103. Much to everyone's surprise (and J's dismay) Lola came second, leaving the bronze to James. Rhi came a respectable fourth. Chris (affectionally named Crisp after only eating crisps for a whole weekend at a festival back in 2009) and Andy took 5th and 6th place, whilst Carla and Ellie (fondly known as Balls)... proudly took the penultimate and last place. At least they tried.

Such a fun night - we must do it again soon!

Much love,
L&R xx


Mary said...

Hahahaha, You guys are the best!

<333 Mary

Carla said...

I remember why I fell out of love with bowling.

Also, JAMES! I thought that was genuine skill! Didn't realise he'd been brushing up before hand! Lesson learned: Do your homework.

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