Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Rhi Likes // Anna, Emma & Zooey

Hello sweets,

I have the honour this week of kicking off our new feature, going through the 'likes' on our personal 'I Like You' prints - giving you a little more insight into the little things that make us tick... We touched on this a little while ago when we told you why Lola likes Berlin and why I like 'Singing Through the Streets of Paris at 3am'

This week I decided to go for the line 'Anna Karina, Zooey Deschanel and Emma Peel' - inspiring actresses and singers in the case of Anna and Zooey, and Emma, the kick ass-spy of Avengers fame (played by Diana Rigg) all three have enviable style that have influenced the vast majority of my wardrobe (ok, so I don't own a leather Catsuit a la Emma!) and my hair do...

Anna Karina: best in Bande à Part & Pierrot Le Fou; I always have her singing 'Ma Ligne de Chance' stuck in my head. She sparked my obsession with French cinema and discovery of the marvellous Ye-Ye movement - french pop sweethearts of the 1960s.

Star of the Avengers from 1965-68 - Diana Rigg's character Emma Peel brought vibrant and modern 1960s style to the series, and a much welcomed easyness on the eye for the male viewers, especially when she rocked her infamous catsuit.

Zooey, Zooey D. I've girl crushed on Zooey since I was about 11, when I first saw her in Almost Famous, using my favourite song America by Simon and Garfunkel to explain why she was 'leaving home to become a stewardess' - I fell! I can sit through a rubbish film, just for the love of Zooey (talking about you: Failure to Launch) and would quite happily listen to She & Him on continuous loop for all eternity - I shan't continue to gush, because I could go on forever...

Who are your style/girl crushes?

Much love

Rhi x

ps. Don't forget to 'tune in' next Wednesday when Lola will tell you more about some of her most loved things...


Anonymous said...

LOVE Zooey Deschanel, i even started following her on instagram yesterday to continue my girl crush further (zooeydeschanel if you're not following!)

:) xo

N* said...

Love! Zooey since I watched Almost Famous too! I wanted to have all her vinyl collection :D Are you guys watching The New Girl?? Hilarious! I go for Françoise Hardy and Zooey D.
I am going to check Anna Karina

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

Anna Karina.. what a gem! Of course I adore Emma and Zooey as well!

As played out as this is going to sound (and I know it), you two are quite the fashion idols/gal crushes yourself. The two of you are darling, beautiful to boot, and have such a spark! x

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