Friday, 9 December 2011

Christmas Twee // DIY Peter-Pan Collar Card

Here at Twee Towers, it's become somewhat of a tradition to make our own birthday and holiday cards for each other. We were so impressed by how wonderfully original the peter-pan collar card was that Mr Bagshaw made for Lola's birthday this year that we asked if could design a lovely festive collar for us to share with you. As with all our Christmas DIY's, these cards are so simple to make, really versatile and are a lovely, unique way to send best wishes & kisses to your loved ones this Christmas!

Design them to match the colour scheme of the recipient's Christmas tree or even to replicate a collar of their own! The best part is, you can recycle scraps and materials from around the house.

Start with a thick A4 piece of card as a base. Fold in half and draw the shape of your collar. Try to keep both sides as symmetrical as possible as you'll want the card to look straight when propped up! When you're happy with the shape, cut out.

Do the same again with some pretty paper, except this time make the shape slightly smaller than the previous piece. You want the first piece to act as the trim to the collar so make sure there is at least 1cm difference in size from the edges.

Position in place over the fold of the first piece as picture and use PVA glue to stick in place after adding a touch of sparkle up the edges of the first piece of card (with glitter and glue).

James, went for a traditional festive red pattern for the smaller piece and the green glitter accentuates the trim with a yuletide sparkle!

Next cut out a small paper circle & fold in half over the crease to act as the neck to your collar shape.

Finally, have fun putting the finishing touches to your collar. James cut out a holly shape and bravely rummaged through the studio's miscellaneous art boxes to find stick on gems for the berries!

Tie a ribbon and stick on the centre to complete - beautiful! Have fun mixing up materials - a pretty wrapping paper or fabric would also look absolutely beaut, or to create something a bit more special, why not use sheet music to the recipient's fave song like we did for our DIY baubles!

Such a clever'en - another Mr Bagshaw creation that matches our colour scheme perfectly!

Are you planning to make your own Christmas cards this year?

Much love,

L&R xx


Mary said...

Not only are these cards so darn cute but they are economically safe. I am going to attempt making mine this year. Let's see how this goes cause I was born with two left hands :)

Mary from ♥ ♥

Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said...

Hey ladies, I love your blog! You're both so gorgeous and so is your blog :)
Love this DIY as well, what a great idea with the peter pan collar!

Lisa xx

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

Oh you two-- this is the sweetest idea ever!!

jennifer june said...

Aww how cute! And very on trend! I was thinking of maybe making cards for my close friends this year, with lots of glitter and shiny thing :) xxx

Step Ladders said...

What a great idea. I might have a go at making some with my little girl. (4yrs old) It might be a laugh.

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