Saturday, 3 December 2011

Christmas Twee // Festive Touches & Little M's Tree

Hurray it's Saturday sweets!

Wish we could say we were putting our feet up this weekend, but we've both been shopping till we dropped trying to round off our loved one's gifts (& still not entirely finished! Argh!)

On Wednesday eve when we put up the tree in the studio we also added some festive touches about the house, so we've done a mini tour of the hall for you below. We also let Little M decorate his very own tree today with the decs that didn't 'fit' on the studio tree. He had loads of fun - scroll through for his 'masterpiece' (Rhi swears she didn't take off everything he did and neaten it up... hmm...)


Christmas Wreath

We took the heart that always hangs on our door and added spare beads and baubles and slotted in a beautiful sparkley fairy decoration, the quickest, easiest DIY wreath ever :)

Lovely Santa & Pretty Tins...


Festive greens and reds throughout the hall, one of M's blankets makes a lovely addition to our peacock chair, compliments the chevron cushion perfectly we think :)


Mini advent garland going up the stairs... Some festively fashionable touches brought to you by Rhi's red H&M satchel and Lola's green fur Topshop coat (just seen hanging on the stairs)

Little M's Tree


This eclectic bunch of decs were left over from the first tree decorating, as they didn't quite work in the studio - we decided they'd be perfect in the Playroom...


Little M 'helping'


All his own work, honest! *ahem*


Favourite decorations, Clare Mackie for Royal Worcester Santa decoration and M went crazy for the train shouting "wooo-woooo" (transaltion: 'choo-choo') over and over...


Pride of place in the Playroom.


Santa Cowboy ornament by

Hope you like! Do your decorations take over the whole house too? We've yet to decorate the Living Room properly (though some bits have snuck their way onto the fireplace...), really don't know how we're managing to restrain ourselves from putting up the 'big' tree, we've got Festive-Fever (or is it just our yucky head colds that's making us a little loopy?)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend Deers (see what we did there?)

Much love,



Lauren said...

Such fun getting a peek at your Christmas decorations! Paul and I started putting up our tree yesterday. The lights are on it, but we haven't put up the ornaments. We go "screen-free" on Sundays, so it'll probably get decorated tomorrow.

Harriet said...

It looks like you've got some lovely little touches around the house! I'm a bit bah humbug when it comes to christmas - I don't even own any decorations(!) but I do love seeing the little things people do to make their homes a bit special at christmas.

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