Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Time for a cinema date & a new feature...

Last night we went to watch 50:50 at the cinema with Carla. With Joseph Gordan-Levitt and Seth Rogen as the two protagonists it was bound to be a good'en but we all absolutely fell in love with it! Admittedly, we all got a bit teary as some of the scenes really struck a chord being quite close to home but it was also really humorous and heart-warming and it was lovely to get out for a girly date! Wish our local cinema was like that one in the snap above!

Additional news this week... we're happy to announce that we'll be starting a new feature as of next week! As the tour of Twee Towers sadly had to come to an end, we thought it might be a cute idea to take turns each week and divulge a little more about our favourite things and our odd quirks from our 'I like you' prints as featured in our Etsy Shop... We already explored this idea a little in the summer when Rhi explained why she loved Paris and Lola let you in on just what it was about Berlin that pulled her back twice in a year!

And who knows, we might even chuck in the old Twee Towers tour updates as we begin the challenge of turning our home in to a enchanting Christmas wonderland ;) - starting tonight probably because we CANNOT WAIT A SECOND LONGER. Too excited, we could burst!

Much love,

L&R xxx

Ps. LAST ORDERS IN THE SHOP TODAY! Closing until 1st Jan - place any orders today if you'd like them before Christmas!

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