Monday, 12 December 2011

After Dinner Dance Party // Christmas Tunes Pt 2

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Another week closer to Christmas, barely containing ourselves! Now that that the tree is up we're focussing on finishing up the last bits of shopping and wrapping everything up (did we say last bits? Ok... we still have a lot to do - HELP!)! Of course some Christmas plans will need to be put on hold this week as we do have a very special Twee Towers birthday coming up, you'll see how we're celebrating that on Saturday! In the meantime loves, here are some special Festive hits we've selected for you, pause 'A Very She and Him Christmas' for a couple of minutes (we know its the best Christmas album you've ever heard!) and give these a listen...

Another marvel from our favourite musical master of all time. Joe Meek & Valerie Masters bring us the most delightfully festive song 'Christmas Calling' - makes one feel all warm and fuzzy. It has the pretty twinkley jingles, sleigh bells and sweet lyrics of your average festive classic, but it still has that Joe Meek touch in the ethereal backing vocals, and something else we can't quite put our finger on... Dreamy tune, and not even 1000 views on Youtube, we feel like we're sharing a well kept secret!

Tim Wheeler & Emmy The Great have collaborated again to bring us the fabulous album 'This is Christmas'... 'Home for the Holidays' is a charming tune from the album, that tells the adorable story of old friends and sweethearts running into each other in the holidays (don't you just know exactly what they're talking about, its like every Christmas coming home after you've moved away!)... Is it love rekindling, new sparks between old friends, or is it the 'mistletoe and wine'? Love. (nb: sorry for the Cliff pun, that was naff, even for us!)

We don't think we've included Elvis in an After Dinner Dance Party before today, we apologise profusely, how could we ever overlook The King. Here he is, singing about the Blue Christmass he's experiencing, poor dear, don't you just want to squeeze the heartache right out of that beautiful, beautiful man - sigh!

Some fab DIYs and yummy recipes still to come this week, as well as picking the winner for our FABULOUS GIVEAWAY, don't forget to enter!! More festive tracks next weeks lovelies!

Much love,

R&L xx

ps. Don't miss our 'Blog of The Day' interview over on Eclectic Eccentricity's Blog where we talk about our favourite EE piece and who we'd like to see under the mistletoe this year...

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