Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Literal Lyrics: A sneak preview!

Surfin USA.jpg

Happy Leap Year everyone! Hope you're all making the most of the extra day! We're bringing monday wine night back (and re-branding it Wednesday wine night) with one of our favourite girlies Carla this eve, definitely looking forward to a catch up and a tipple, has been too long since we've all been together!

We're also currently in the process of re-jigging the prints that we have available on our Etsy shop (it's been a slightly abandoned recently - our 'I like You' prints are still available!) and thought it was high time that we added some new prints to the mix. We both been desperate to do some linear illustrations as all of the other pieces that we've put out have been digitally produced and we've got loads of ideas for a collection of slightly silly 'Literal Lyrics'. Lola had a little scribble over the weekend and we thought we share a sneak preview of one of our designs, 'The Beach Bouys: Surfin' USA!' By no means finalised just yet, look out for the full collection of literal lyrics on our Etsy page soon :)

Much love,
L&R xx

Monday, 27 February 2012

After Dinner Dance Party // Surfbeats

Afterdinner copy

We fancied taking a short break from our usual vinyl revival posts to share a snippet of a vinyl we wished that we owned (please, if anyone can find these tracks for us, we'd LOVE it!) Since stumbling across the '60s garage, surf, freakbeat & psychedelic' channel on youtube, we've had to save it on to our bookmarks bar as we came back to it so regularly! As the weather has been getting a little warmer we can't stop dreaming of summer days and holidays so we've picked out a couple of our favourite West Coast surf instrumentals, rarely heard since they were first released on 45s...

First up, 'Ghost Hop' by the Surfmen! Love, love, love this tune. Apparently the music was provided
for a film 'A life in the sun' but we haven't been able to find anything else about it anywhere, if you do, give us a shout!

The most incredible footage featuring synchronised life-saving! From volume 3 of the collection, it's 'Once and for all girl' by The Other 4!

Starting from next week, our After Dinner Dance Parties are going to include an extra treat for all you lovely people... a vinyl giveaway, one for each week in March! Check by next week to see how you can grab one!

Much love,
L&R xx

Sunday, 26 February 2012

DIY Love // Fabric Wall Decals

Happy Sunday Sweets,

Rhi here today, bringing you a quick DIY post. As I mentioned in Little M's Room Tour the cowboy theme is one that I had been planning for a long time ahead of our move to Twee Towers, and I have been gathering coordinating fabrics and accessories since he was just a few months old!

Among my cowboy fabric stash was some beautiful bandana style paisley that I wanted to keep for something special, this morning I decided the time was now and I was going to use them for some awesome fabric wall decals. This is such a quick and simple DIY and it looks amazing, perfect way to really individualise a child's room and make it their own!

Step 1: Iron out your fabric and draw out your shape. You can use a stencil to help you with this. Cut it out and iron again to ensure it is flat!

Step 2: Boil up some water. Put 1 tablespoon of cornstarch into a bowl and and 2 tablespoons of water to make a paste. Gradually add 1 cup of boiling water stirring as you go.

Step 3: Wet your fabric through with the mixture (we did this in the bath as the sticker was quite big, can use a tray for smaller decals), use a sponge and soak out the excess so that the decal isn't dripping.

Step 4: Smooth decal onto the wall, starting in one corner, smoothing out with a dry sponge as you go.
If you have these sorts of frayed edges use a paint brush dipped in the mixture to smooth them down and hide them.

and finished! The opposite wall in M's room is bare at the moment, so contemplating a much bigger decal and/or a wild west town scene of some sort... Will be sure to show you whatever I decide to do with it!

Much love,
Rhi & Little M xx

Saturday, 25 February 2012

A Vintage Outfit Post // Dogtooth in 35mm

Hello lovers,

Lola here today! Last we week we were riffling though our iphoto collections (attempting to tidy it up a little, we didn't realise how many photos we've taken until our laptops started groaning at us & unwillingly meandering to their instructed destinations, eek!) It seemed such a shame to leave some of the photos that we came across lying dormant in a folder, so today we are unveiling the first of (probably not very many), 'Vintage Outfit Posts!' Although, only a small portion of the outfits featured are made up of vintage attire, we like to think of this as a nostalgic hommage to outfit posts gone by :)

These particular set of photos were taken in early 2010, around the time of James & I's first trip to Berlin and when I'd clearly decided to abandon the fringe maintenance! I'd taken to pinching his dogtooth blazer (not his originally, undeniably a much loved second hand piece!) and wearing it over dresses. We'd borrowed James' dad's OM1 Olympus camera and decided to have a play around with a couple of 35mm films.

Looking back now, I love all the charming photographical quirks, accidental double exposures and candid expressions captured by our snap happy fingers...


Aww, that last photo of two little ladies warms my heart everytime I see it, so incredibly sweet!

Dogtooth blazer: Second-hand
Boots: River Island
Pocketwatch: Vintage
White Sun dress: Urban Outfitters
Black shift dress: Topshop
Headband: DIY (fashioned from a bit of fabric, cut out of an underskirt!)

Enjoy your weekend sweets, I'm heading up to Sheffield today for a photoshoot with
Alice Takes A Trip... and to preview their new collection, excitement!

Much love,
L&R xx

Friday, 24 February 2012

Meet our Sponsors...

Hello Sweets,

We thought that it was high-time we introduce to you to some of our favourite people in the blogosphere... Introducing our darling sponsors and why we love them :)


Her Name is Greta... Stina is our favourite Swedish Sweetheart. Her blog is simply darling, with lots of cute little DIYs, some insanely yummy looking recipes (seriously, these cookies look too delicious, willing lent to pass quickly so we can test this out!!) and lots of adorable pictures of her cute kitties MjauMjau & Semla. Love ♥


Laughing with Broken Eyes. Amber is such a doll, hope you caught her guest post this week?, do not miss her wonderful outfit posts, girly rocks vintage looks so, so well. We love her daily poetic musings about life, confidence, happiness, such an inspiration! She can sing too, is about to start writing a book and juggles another blog in with her college studies, is there nothing this busy honey bee can't do?!


Pretty Much Penniless, we love, love, love Ellie's style, she works vintage and highstreet combo's so, so well you'd think everything had been designed and made especially for her. We first spotted this gorgeous girly in Company magazine, which practically makes her famous in our eyes for sure! We're oh so excited to carry on reading about how her wedding plans develop and seeing more of her fab DIYs, while learning plenty of money saving and shopping tips to boot!


Wake Up Lovely. Kate was one of our very first bloggy friends, we were so pleased to be taken under the wing by such a lovely blogger! Her posts are soo uplifting and creative, we' ve loved her goal setting this year, and her lovely encouraging posts about
embracing your hobbies and her positive designs. Just the place you need to visit when you're in need of a little boost :)


Amy Flying a Kite, another beautiful girly with incredible style and a lovely poetic writing style. Amy's outfit posts are beyond dreamy, fabulously folky looks that she makes look simply effortless and timeless, such a wonderful innate style.

Thank you so much for joining us girls. xxx

Hope you've enjoyed getting to know a little more about the dolls up on our sponsor bar on the right there. If you'd like to join them please check our Sponsor page for more details.

Much love,
R&L xx

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Sponsor us for Spring?

NEARLY MARCHsponsor_march

Can you believe it's nearly March already? Soo looking forward to digging out our Spring wardrobes, pastel hues, tea parties in the garden and lots more sunshine!

It also means that it's time to start thinking about our sponsor spaces for March! We've absolutely loved welcoming our first sponsors on to the She Dressed in Black ship (we'll be putting up a nice little write up about them next week <3 ) and we'd like to ask if anyone else would like to come aboard and join us on the sidebar over there?

With a goal of promoting everything charmingly brilliant, we love sharing vintage styling, sweet DIYS, the creation of our collection, sewing tips that we pick up along the way and musical gems! Take a look at our January highlights for an overview of our blog! We'd love to promote more small businesses and beautiful, inspiring blogs!

For more info on the super duper introductory price that we can offer you, take a look at our sponsor page or get in touch with us at info[at] where we will be happy to discuss your requirements or answer any questions!

Information regarding readership and recent statistics are available upon request :)

That's all sweets! Hope you're having a lovely week!

Much love,

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Guest Post // Amber Rose Likes...

Hello Sweets,

We're so pleased to bring you a guest post from one of our favourites Amber Rose of - She's an absolute sweetheart and we were lucky enough to get to design one of our 'I Like You' prints for her after running a giveaway during our launch month... If you'd like your own 'I Like You' print please get in touch via our Etsy Shop or the Contact button :)

Hello! My name is Amber Rose...


A few months ago, I was lucky enough to win an ‘I Like You’ print from Rhi and Lauren. I was so excited as I got to draft up a list of my favorite things, always a fun task and a chance to get creative. Needless to say, I sent those poor gals quite the list. Within hardly any time at all, I had a beautifully framed piece of who I am to display proudly in my bedroom. I really wish I had a photo of it hanging on hand, but it is in my bedroom with my parents and I’m currently at university. Still, this will suffice as it is the picture itself!

Really, anything I could hope to say about myself is in this print—the white noise of my persona, so to speak!


I love that the first thing people see when the enter my room is this adorable list of my likes, of who I am!

Anyhow, I've rambled enough. I hope you're all having a most wonderful day!

Amber Rose
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