Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Lauren Likes // Birkin, Gall & Hardy

Lauren Likes

Hello lovelies,

Embarking on Part II of our new feature today - giving you an insight into the things that make us tick on our personalised, 'I Like You' prints.

As Rhi introduced the new feature last week sharing her favourite girl crushes, I thought that it would be a good place to start too. I went for the line, 'Francoise Hardy, France Gall & Jane Birkin' who continue to inspire my wardrobe & provide me with the perfect excuse to perplex my hairdresser by asking for a 1960s style hair-cut... blunt fringe & minimum layers please.

Only in putting this together have I noticed my allurement to the darker side of the Sixties, drawn to the shy and slightly awkward girls of the swinging period. Not entirely sure why, I think I'm just fascinated by anything that Serge Gainsbourg has ever touched...

hardy 2

hardy 1hardy 5

First up, Francoise... Jagger described her as his ideal woman and she was famously persued by, and subsequently turned down, Bob Dylan - 'I Want You' was said to be written about her. I first fell in love with Francoise upon listening to the hauntingly, beautiful 'Tout les garcons et les filles' in which she laments, "they fall in love without fear of tomorrow, yes but I walk the streets alone, the lost soul'. With the hair of my dreams, impeccable cat eyes and my first window in to the wonders of the ye-ye movement - she'll always be my first girl-crush love.

gall 1

We've spoke about our love for the sweet France Gall before in one of our After Dinner Dance Parties, her 1965 eurovision entry, 'Poupee de cire, Poupee de Son' is one of my favourite songs and her slightly off-key vocals are just utterly charming. For me, with her quiet elegance & innocent demeanor Gall is such a sweetheart!

birkin 5

birkin 3

birkin 2birkin 1

Ahh, Jane Birkin, probably the biggest influence on my wardrobe! She always looked incredible, swapping the bee-hives and off-beat attire that were popular in the sixties for a more subtle, effortless and even masculine style that I just adore. Those that have known me long enough will be well acquainted with my love affair with knee-high socks and Birkin always pulled it off so perfectly!

Much love,
L xx

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Mary said...

When I look at these ladies I definitely see you. Not only do you do them justice in your personal style but if I was to see a black & white of you, I would think you were a sixties child.just like them.

Meowwzie <333

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

I absolutely love learning about who inspires you, and oh, Francoise... <3

Lauren said...

Yes, yes and yes. As someone with naturally curly hair, getting my hair to look like Fran├žoise's is soooo much work (probably too much), but I do love it on other people. Love Jane Birkin's necklaces in the top photo and her top in the next one.

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