Saturday, 10 December 2011

Oh Christmas Twee, Oh Christmas Twee

Eee, day has arrived twee-ettes & twee-gents, we succumbed to our overwhelming excitement for Christmas and put up the Twee Towers Christmas Tree! Yay! Well, we might have actually put the tree up a couple of nights ago as we couldn't wait a moment longer, we think we heard the baubles calling our names, but now we can let you have a proper glimpse.

We'd like to take a moment to thank our mothers, for bestowing us with a keen eye for precise positioning and unfaltering perfectionism. It was worth all the times that you undone our own creative work, lovingly but obsessively re-arranging the bauble after us after as, taking with us invaluable tips on the art of the tree. So would you like a look sweets...?

In choosing the colour scheme we were hugely influenced by our mood board for our first men's collection, 'He Dressed in Black' and searched out decorations in forest green and gold with a hint of purple. We wanted to keep the colour scheme quite traditional to keep it looking quite classy whilst allowing us to special trinkets and unique DIYS.

The musical theme was created quite by accident, we didn't realise how many music related pieces we had picked up until we started putting them on the tree... funnily enough, exactly the same thing happened when the lovely Zoe designed our blog - incorporating subtle snippets of Beatles lyrics into the page! How cute is the gold sparkly treble clef decoration!

Our very own handmade paperback DIY baubles - stand out perfectly on the tree for a little extra quirk, we think!

More musical notation decorations, placed between pretty bows, acorns & sparkly green and purple baubles!

Antique keys!

Twee Towers' DIY Beatles lyric baubles!

Our twinkling Tree. We got the seal of approval from Little M in the morning as he gasped a sleepy 'WOW'.

We made an eclectic window dressing with a few bigger baubles, acorns and couple of antique keys, tied with ribbon in olive green, mint green and gold!

For the centre-piece of the fireplace, we collected a few cute christmas ornaments and arranged in glass vases.

We also made these sweet smaller versions in jam jars filled with glitter.

Mr Bagshaw's peter pan collar card DIY also makes an appearance on the fireplace!

You can re-create our collection of paper christmas tree cones in just a few easy steps... 1. Use something spherical to draw around for the perfect circle shape in a few alternating sizes on to your chosen paper (depending on the display you're hoping to achieve) 2. Split the circle in to thirds and cut out a third to use for each cone. 3. Fold the paper round to make a cone shape and glue in place using PVA 4. Decorate as you please! We used a mixture of glitter, buttons and sparkles for ours!

We're loving turning to Twee Towers in to our own winter wonderland! Hope you all have a lovely weekend sweets. Remember, to check by tomorrow to win a beautiful piece of jewellery for yourself or as a gift for a loved one... we're honoured to be hosting a super special giveaway for the fabulous Eclectic Eccentricity! 'Citing.

Much love,
L&R xx


Mary said...

This Christmas Twee is perfection not to mention the rest of your home. If I had my own place,this is how I would love to decorate it for Christmas. You guys are amazing <333

Xoxo, Mary from ♥ ♥

Louisejoyb said...

How lovely! Just finished putting our tree up too, you have some really pretty decorations :)

Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

Carol said...

Gorgeous tree girls, glad you have both inherited momma tree decorating skills we can't wait to spend Christmas time at Twee Towers. X X

mama j said...

The house is truly magical!!! It makes me feel less guilty that the family tree had to be perfect girls have learnt well from your mama's!!!

Mama J xxx

Anonymous said...

I think this looks absolutely DELIGHTFUL. Just found you babes through the EE giveaway - so, so glad I did! x


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