Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Boutique Love // Eclectic Eccentricity

Hey lovelies,

It's been quite some time since we last showcased some of the boutique labels that we covert over here at Twee Towers, so today we're sharing a few of the jewellery additions we've recently added to our collections from the wonderful, Eclectic Eccentricity!

Eclectic Eccentricity began as a humble, weekend hobby of gift shop manager, Lucy as she scoured antique shops and markets for pretty trinkets and exquisite gems to make into darling pieces of jewellery. It has since grown into a magnificent treasure trove for those seeking unique designs with plenty of personality... not to mention the fact that the brand is now a celeb favourite and regularly graces the pages of Marie Claire, Grazia and Vogue!

Back in December, we were luck enough to be involved in EE's '12 days of Christmas' project, in which they very kindly gifted us a few of their Seeing Stars Necklaces... a mighty fine choice for us Space Nerds, one would like to add! We were over the moon when the lovely team featured She Dressed in Black as their blog of the day and we loved answering a few of their Christmas themed questions over on their blog!

When it comes to jewellery, both of us like to keep iit quite minimal, favouring extra special pieces that have a story to tell, which is exactly why we love EE. Each piece is carefully created using a mix of vintage treasures & whimsical jewels, woven together with a charming backstory.We think that they make the best gifts and our bank balances were pleased to find that they come at exceptionally, affordable prices!

Our ears pricked up when EE announced that new stock was about to hit the shelves and you can not imagine our giddyness as we unwrapped these beautifully, packaged goodies that the postman left on our doorstep...



With a life long fondness for Native American culture, Rhi chose the stunning, 'Quill Turquoise Feather Necklace', a genuine Native American carved bone feather pendant, finished with a smaller brass feather and three faceted turquoise beads. The perfect accompaniment to floaty, bohemian, summer staples.




Lamenting rainy Sunday's spent painting and listening to old records, Lauren chose the miniature metal gramophone with small brass note charm. Harking back to musical delights of the Golden Twenties, there's nothing sweeter than the nostalgic, skip and cackle of an old gramophone to add a musical note to this summer's festival ensembles!




Little M's recent fascination with all thing pre-historic will certainly be making an impact on Rhi's wardrobe in the coming months with the inclusion of this vintage brass stegosaurus (there's also a T-rex option!) pendant finished with a brass leaf, forest green rose and genuine amber bead!




With a penchant for pretty pocketwatches, the 'It's About Time' pocket watch necklace' is sure to make a regular appearance out with Lauren! Want to know another secret? If you flip it over, you can even see the mechanism working, spectacular! Sadly, this beaut has been out of stock on the site, but we'll share some snaps once  it's winged its way to us!
Take a look at the EE shop to browse the full collection, or visit their blog for inspirations, special offers and sneaky peaks of new collections!

Much love,
L&R xx

Friday, 1 June 2012

Revisiting: 'Gardening Woes'

Hey Sweets,

Can you believe it is June already?! Crumbs this year is really whizzing past! We are not normally ones for recycling posts - but in light of our day yesterday, we thought it would be good to remind ourselves just how far we have come in terms of garden maintenance... We originally posted this back in October but our 'Gardening Woes' had struck in the summer of last year.

We both had a day off yesterday and decided to get stuck in about the Twee Garden, we will share more of the makeover soon (when we have recovered!) and you can see how we got on this time...

Twee Troubles // Gardening Woes

Hold the phone, we missed out an important part of the tour... the garden! Sadly, now that Autumn is setting in we think we've missed the boat for pretty garden pictures but we have just stumbled across some snaps of our first 'gardening' experience!

Having both moved away from home previously for uni, we're more than capable of running the home, the garden however was a different story. When we moved into Twee Towers in the springtime, we were delighted to find that we had inherited a well kept garden full of pretty shrubs and flowers and perfectly mowed lawn. Let us tell you something amigos... grass grows...BIGTIME! We shortly realised that leaving it would not result in it growing back down so we set aside a weekend to begin our gardening mission. One small step for mankind..

We started off enthusiastically loaded with the appropriate lingo, "Rhi, we need a scrapey thing", "Yeah Lauren, we need a diggy thing too". This was the point when we encountered our second problem... the blank expression on a shopkeepers face when we asked where the "cutty things" and "giant forks" were.

The biggest success was buying a multi-nozzle hose - jet, mist, ooooh! Our neighbours probably weren't as excited as we were over how long we enjoyed making mist for. Finally we were armed and ready....

Rock n roll mowing... "How do I switch this on?" and "Am I going to die?" being the operative queries. Apparently you just press the button and go.

As we must of missed the gardener issue of vogue, we were unsure how to be appropriately attired for this task... so Lauren opted for expensive leathers & hunter wellies.


...and Rhi, never knowingly underdressed went for skinny jeans & heels. Practicality is our forte clearly.... well, until Rhi fell over & Lauren got tangled in the wire.


Note: Mowing skills.

We'd talk you through how we got on with the weeding process but this was a traumatic experience that we don't wish to relive. All we're saying is there were stingy nettles & ant nests involved. Ouch.

Hope you picked up some tips there sweets! Seriously, someone send over a gardener, please. That one from Desperate Housewives will do...

Much love,
L&R xx

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Topshop Ties the Knot!


Hipster brides-to-be rejoice! Church bells are ringing & confetti is being thrown over at the church of Sir Philip Green, because on Tuesday, Topshop unveiled their very first BRIDAL line! Gasp! Excuse us for a moment while we turn into swooning idiots.


With no weddings to plan or attend this year, we can't quite work out why we're so excited either, but we’re thrilled to see that bridal wear is finally getting a style makeover! The capsule collection, ‘Tie the Knot’ is collaboration between Topshop and UK designer, Richard Nicoll, taking Nicoll's signature style of casual, femininity, tinged with a grunge vibe, influenced by the UK high street.

The collection consists of seven dresses in classic fabrics of chiffon, lace & silk, beautiful shift dresses and stunning flowy dresses, in a feminine palette of white & blush.


Whilst a few of the dresses are probably too similar to those lurking in the depths of the Twee Towers wardrobes (lace shift dress we’re talking about you, too cute!) we love that Topshop are encouraging the innovativeness that currently resides on the UK high street to creep into this market, and pushing British designers to take on the task of creating bridal wear that is both modern & affordable.

What does everyone else think? Would you wear good old Toppers on your wedding day?

On other news, we both have the day off today to tackle... the garden. Wish.Us.Luck.

Much love,
L&R xx

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Twee Troubles // Pale and Interesting

image source

The sun is out out, the sky is blue, there's not a cloud to spoil the view... Yes the UK has been rejoicing and reveling in the glorious sunshine this week, yet it is not so joyous for some of us inflicted with the hereditary condition known as 'Pale Skin'

Throughout the rest of the year and all other seasons our alabaster skin is sheathed beneath opaque tights, and coordinating cardigans, long sleeved dresses and other such reflective skin barriers - our wardrobes are so well equiped for the dullness that represents at least 80% of British Weather that we've been struggling to cope in the sunshine...

The length of the majority of our dresses is just about appropriate with tights, however by not wearing tights and avoiding sweltering we are approaching levels of indecent exposure, having barely 2 or 3 suitable dresses between us we've spent much of this week quizzing each other on every outfit - "Can I get away with this dress for work?!" - not only at risk of flashing 'les derrieres' - there is also the issue of having skin so glaringly white that those passing us without sunglasses are at risk of being blinded...

Not only do we struggle with clothing but one must also be covered head to toe in factor 50 lest we develop a 'Celtic Tan', in the most painful shades of lobster red. We could of course fake that sun kissed look, but we're not sure we can handle smelling faintly of cat pee...

So, we keep hearing that 'Pale is Interesting' - is it because one's skin is so transparent when this pale that we can see our veins? "Ooh I can see your de-oxygenated blood pulsating through your body, fascinating..." 

We are attempting to steer clear of orange tinted sheets and a synthetic glow, however shielding ones eyes every time the sunlight catches a pasty limb is proving a little tiresome... Sigh, is pale interesting enough to sustain us through this summer? 

Is anyone else as translucent as us? How do you handle summer dressing dilemmas? Think we'd best go shopping for some longer dresses...

Much love,
R&L xx

Monday, 28 May 2012

After Dinner Dance Party // It's Summertime and Living is Easy

Hey amigos,

Hope you've all had a truly spiffing weekend! We've been in love with the recent rise in temperatures and in between the many events of the week, we have had been creeping out to spent some time in the sun whenever we can! Between us we've had a fancy dress 60th birthday celebrations (where a Miss Rhi made an appearence as J-J-J-Jessie J) whilst Lauren took an eve to babysit Little M, who was a little gem. Saturday night was so much fun, drinks with friends, watching The Moons perform and then a boogie at our favourite club night. We finished the weekend with a family Christening, and finally, some rest and sleep! 

For this week's After Dinner Dance Party, we're spinning some of our essential summertime tracks... 

A teenage fave. The Strokes, 'Is This It' gets constant plays on the Twee Towers jukebox, but it's an absolute essential at this time of year. We're sure that Summer, more than any other season craves that feeling of teenage excitement... especially when Julian Casablancas & Albert Hammond Jr is involved! 

We came across Diane Birch in 2010 when she billed on the same festival line up as James in a run of gigs he did with The Lightning Seeds. We got hold of her album shortly after and it spent that summer on repeat. Adore this soulful, poppy number and the video is amaze too!

Last but certainly not least, the sensational Coconut Grove by The Lovin' Spoonful! This song instantly conjures up wishful dreams of faraway lands with a cool sea breeze! Enjoy... 

Next weekend is set to be another fab one as the Queen's Jubilee is almost upon us. What's everyone got planned for the long break?

Much love, 
Lauren & Rhi xx

Friday, 25 May 2012

Friday Flicks // Dark Shadows

Another Cinema trip for Rhi and her younger sister Livvy - last weekend we caught up with Gothic director extraordinaire Tim Burton's adaptation of the 1960s series, Dark Shadows, , and once again Rhi found herself completely distracted from the film thanks to the fashion fest throughout the film (She makes a habit of this, see: Hunger Games vs Devil Wears Prada) ...

dark shadows costumes2

Well known is the dream team of Depp & Burton, the pair have been knocking all other movies off the top of my favourites lists with each new release for as long as I can remember. However, I always get most excited when reading that my most admired costume designer of all time, oscar winning Colleen Atwood, has once again been drafted in to dress the characters in Burton's films (a la Edward Scissor Hands, Ed Wood, Sleepy Hollow, Alice in Wonderland, Big Fish & Sweeney Todd - not to mention her work outside of Burton's films in Chicago, Lemony Snicket and Memoirs of a Geisha - to name but a few). I don't think I have mentioned before, but while at London College of Fashion I had aspirations of working in Costume Design for film, so Atwood is somewhat of a heroine of mine, I get a little fangirly over her fantastical creations - so please bear with me!

2 copy

The 1970s setting really worked so well with Burton's style of contrasting riotous colour with darkness, with costume and set design - like Edward Scissor Hands and his gothic figure standing out against the candy coloured suburban backdrop. Apparently the vast majority of the costumes were purposely created for the film - with a few vintage finds thrown in for authenticity (I spy original Ossie Clark on HBC in one of those promo pics, actually let out a squeal when I saw it!). Highlights above include: Victoia's capelet (swoon!); Eva Green in that jaw dropping red number (I could turn...); Chloe Moretz in the most amazing array of print dresses (especially that bib fronted one, want it and/or need it!); Michelle Pfeiffer's Karen Carpenter via Morticia Addams looks (apparently inspired by a David Bailey book entitled 'The Birth of Cool' - currently going for £300 on amazon, who wants to get me an early extravagant birthday present...?); Helena Bonham Carter's blouses with pinafore ensembles paired with an orange wig and huge sunglasses (essential due to her characters perpetual state of 'hungover') and, of course, in any incarnation or costume - Johnny Depp. Dish. 

dark shadows soundtrack

No film set in the 70s would be complete without a sensational retrospective soundtrack - Danny Elfman (another regular Burton collaborator) writes yet another amazing score that sits alongside some truly great classics - and a performance by Alice Cooper ("the ugliest woman I have ever seen" according to Barnabas Collins, Depp's character). So I shall leave you with the Moody Blue's 1967 hit 'Knights in White Satin' - the opening track from the film.

So need to buy original Dark Shadows (the Barnabas Collins episodes) DVD, if only the full series was available in the UK! Feeling the need to revisit other supernatural families of the 60s - might be a good time to stock up on The Munsters and The Addams Family too, gosh don't get me started on the their iconic costuming as well, jeepers! Feeling my inner teenage goth creeping out!

Have a lovely weekend sweets!

Much love,
Rhi xx

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Cute Finds // Postcards from Italy

If Wes Anderson put all his genius into creating short films with the aim of capturing the quirks & charms of couples, we think it would like mighty similar to what Andrew & Carissa Gallo achieve through their join venture, For You Love Me. That’s a big accolade, but we think you’ll agree it’s well deserved when you see what they do! They describe themselves as a filmmaker and a photographer that fell in love and who now capture the lives of other lovers. Their films are a visual ode to love and romance, and impossibly sweet.

We stumbled across one of their videos quite by accident after re-discovering Beirut’s music and one fortuitous google search that sent us to this video instead of Beirut. We are not complaining, turns out it features another favourite of ours, Naomi of Rockstar Diaries.

Rockstar Diaries has been one of our daily reads for quite a while, it’s a wonderfully inspirational blog that offers snapshots of Naomi’s life with her husband Josh, their adorable baby girl (and current baby bump!) and, not forgetting their pup, Kingsley, as they embark on their adventures as a family.

Set to a soundtrack of Beirut’s ‘Postcards from Italy’, Naomi & Josh’s storybook romance is told through a haze of soft focused dreaminess, the effect of which is simply divine. The story itself focuses on the couple as they meander through the City, collecting items to set up home, and ends in their own, candlelight wonderland.We absolutely love the Abbey Road style shot as they carry what has to be the best chair in the history of furniture (no lies, take a look!) across the road and oh, that night time scene! We had butterflies in our bellies watching the footage that accompanied this uplifting, folky arrangement so we had to share with you!

Can we share one more? Here's a wedding video entitled 'Zach & Bree'...

Thanks for creating such magical videos Carissa & Andrew, you make us happy!

If you wanna see more, take a look at Andrew + Carissa vimeo channel. For now, we’re off to listen to some more Beirut! Au revoir amigos!

Much love,
L&R xx

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Our Little Shop of Typography Treats!


Over the last week, we've spent a bit of time consolidating our range of typography prints that we offer on facebook. We must admit, it was getting a teeny bit crazy with the all of the personalised prints that we'd completely forgotten to update these in quite a while, oops! We are pleased to announce that our updated range has now been filtered through to our facebook pages and will be updated on Etsy very soon, too!

As well as the 'I Like You' personalised print, we now have customisable Wedding, Annivesary & Christening Prints as well as the newly added 'Dislike' print - for the more cynical friend or relative! We're so happy to say that our Ex-Boyfriend Series and Beatles prints have been really popular and they'll also be staying!

In addition to that, we've also been super busy creating new prints and we'll be featuring one print each day, on facebook over the next week or so. Make sure you're following us to catch the first glimpse!

To take a look at the range, please take a look at, PRINTS TO BUY.

A5 prints are now offered at £10 (framed options available at £15) and A4 prints are now only £15 (framed options at £25). 

As always, we love working with you to create a print that is personal to you, so please get in touch to discuss colour options or email us at info[at]shedressedinblack.co.uk for personalisation enquires. 

Big thanks to everyone who has already purchased a print, we've really enjoyed working on all of them!

Much love, 
L&R xx

Monday, 21 May 2012

After Dinner Dance Party // Baku Countdown

There are a few annual occurrences that we look forward too each year... Christmas, Birthdays, Easter, Halloween... and Eurovision. In an unfortunate turn of events we will be missing the live show on Saturday (hold back those tears - not all bad, we're going to see The Moons again!) . So today, in honour of this yearly spectacular we're bringing you some of our historical and hilarious favourites as the rest of Europe counts down to Baku 2012 (and we make sure we set the TV to record!)

The Eurovision Song Contest began in 1956 - Switzerland were the first ever winner!

We've featured this winning song from dreamy little songstress France Gall before. Taking the crown for Luxembourg in 1965 with a little help from Serge Gainsbourg

1968 - La La La from Spain. The first year broadcast in colour, beautiful dress from the Spanish Winner...

Another from 1968, just because he's rather dishy...!

A 1980s win for the UK courtesy of Bucks Fizz - the outfits, the choreography, the revolutionary whipping off of the skirts, sensationally cheesy... Pioneering yet classic.

When trying to think of favourites of more recent years, this is the first song that springs to mind... yes really. Long gone are the live orchestras accompanying singers, the glamour and sophistication of the events (check out some of the crowd shots in the earlier videos - like a night at the theatre!) - Out comes Verka Serduchka with the CATCHIEST SONG EVER (Rhi might even have it on her iPod... Ooh it's all coming out now!). We don't know any of the words, not single one, but we sure do try singing along "zeeben zeeben I loo loo?" ... that'll do.Wondering if we can pull off going out dressed in tin foil with a Christmas tree topper on our heads... 

We believe we may have once mentioned that one day we would quite like to design outfits for John & Edward... Honestly, we love them a little bit, we really do (and we'd encourage you to come to the dark side, it is so much fun laughing at how cross they make people simply by existing - it's enlightening, really!). This is what Eurovision is all about these days, if we can't have sophistication and all elegance of the 1950s and 60s, then we want John and Edward... All together now "She's got her lipstick on, here I come da da dum" 

Good luck to UK's Engelbert Humperdink (seriously rest of Europe, his name alone is worth a vote, is it not?) and Jedward for their second year - please no shameful repeats of 2003s scores... (Nil point!)

Much love,
R&L xx

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Rhi's Wishlist // Orange Crush

Hey lovelies,

As last week Lola shared her Lemon and Mint wishlist I thought I'd spill my latest colour crush... I never realised quite how much I love the colour orange, perhaps it is the fact that it is so predominant in 60s and 70s design and it feel so wonderfully retro, or maybe because it is making me feel super summery (hurry up and change seasons already England!). 

I need to write wishlists more often - in a retail therapy blind panic yesterday I picked up several things that, when out of the Saturday Speed Shop daze, I realised that I didn't actually like all that much, silly... Off to return said crummy purchases to put funds towards either of those pairs of shoes... (or both.... and the bag... oh crumbs!)

orange copy

1. Lolita Poster
2. Vintage scarf
3. Floral Luggage
4. Orange Lipstick
5. Sparkle Shoes
6. Orla Kiely Numbers
7. Cold Comfort Farm
8. 70s Bag
9. Floral Platforms

Much love,
Rhi xx

ps. The Cold Comfort Farm feature serves as a 'subliminal' message to Lola that we should totally go back to town and pick up the vintage penguin classics set that we spotted yesterday for Twee Towers... Oui?

Friday, 18 May 2012

Literature Love // Nine Stories...


I wrote last year about my rediscovery of Salinger's works - despited being disenchanted with his 'must read' Catcher in The Rye I gave him another chance with 'Rise High The Roof Beam Carpenters' which I fell totally in love with and eager to read more to I picked up a copy of Nine Stories.

The collection of short stories, originally published in magazines throughout the late 40s and 50s - showcase Salinger's unfaltering ability to captivate with his beautiful portrayals of seemingly normal, every day human interactions. What appears to be lighthearted social commentary in some stories, masks thought provoking and poignant moments which catch you completely of guard (you are distracted from Seymour's depression by his heartwarming playfulness with a young girl in 'A Perfect Day for Bananafish' for example) and startling revelations for his fascinating characters, his detailed observations of life's little moments and descriptions of individuals mannerisms bring his stories to life. In 'A Perfect Day for Bananafish', the first story in the collection (and probably my favourite) - I was reminded of the gentle beauty of Seymour Glass, such a wonderful character and one who I will probably spend the rest of my life trying to understand...

Another favourite from the collection is 'The Laughing Man' - you feel the anticipation for the the next installment of the 'The Laughing Man' story along with all the kids on the bus, my breath would catch each time 'The Chief' would turn around from his drivers seat and the story continued, an almost comic style adventure, with a Robin Hood-esque protagonist, disfigured as a baby by Chinese bandits who wears a mask of poppy petals to veil his face - it is simply amazing! 

I could talk all day about each and every delightful tale, but shall let you discover those for yourself. Definitely another highly recommended book from us!

Much love,
Rhi xx

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Insta' Diaries (May)


To finish off the bank holiday weekend, Lauren travelled down to watch James play keys for the Lightning Seeds at Swindon Town. (Y'know footballers seriously have communal baths in their changing rooms!?) Was great to see him play, had been a while since the last LS shows, and now we can't wait for the next run of Moons' gigs!

Snap taken by James whilst up rehearsing in Liverpool!

Helped James have a reorganise of his home studio. Main duties: cables, polishing and pretending I'm June Carter with his autoharp! Oh, what a good thing we had...


Colours, yum. Think we're veering towards a yellow & purple theme for the Twee Towers garden. Hopefully it will go better than last year's attempts!

L & J embarking on a mammoth country walk. Just over 6.5 miles - through serveral villages, up hills, round lakes & through streams! Was such a lovely day and great to get some sunshine & fresh air. L's legs have just about stopped hurting... just in time for yoga this evening!


The cutest cottages & a hidden lake! 


Wading in wellies through the stream - so close to tripping over a rock backwards taking this picture!



Treasures & Trinkets!

Wrapping up treats for the one year giveaway winner



More walks for Rhi. A special spot.

Basking in the sunshine and enjoying breakfast picnics in the garden!

Family fun times. Playing a 1987 edition of Trivial Pursuit. As those of us playing were born between 1988 and 1992 - our trivia based knowledge on 80s politics let us down a little... so chaos later descended and a whipped cream fight broke out. We're that wild.

Little M - Styling it up. May have to ban this tshirt - he has new ideas about having 'Crazy, crazy, craaaazy nights' ... Bad influence!

Spent an afternoon reorganising the playroom, a home for everything once more, and a rejig of layout means that Little M now has a lot more room for fun!

Treats and medicines!! When nursing the cold from hell all Rhi wants is quiet time with a book and beechams or a good fruit fix (with a side order of white chocolate for dipping! yum!)

Hope you all have a lovely day!

Much love,
L&R xx
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