Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Time for a cinema date & a new feature...

Last night we went to watch 50:50 at the cinema with Carla. With Joseph Gordan-Levitt and Seth Rogen as the two protagonists it was bound to be a good'en but we all absolutely fell in love with it! Admittedly, we all got a bit teary as some of the scenes really struck a chord being quite close to home but it was also really humorous and heart-warming and it was lovely to get out for a girly date! Wish our local cinema was like that one in the snap above!

Additional news this week... we're happy to announce that we'll be starting a new feature as of next week! As the tour of Twee Towers sadly had to come to an end, we thought it might be a cute idea to take turns each week and divulge a little more about our favourite things and our odd quirks from our 'I like you' prints as featured in our Etsy Shop... We already explored this idea a little in the summer when Rhi explained why she loved Paris and Lola let you in on just what it was about Berlin that pulled her back twice in a year!

And who knows, we might even chuck in the old Twee Towers tour updates as we begin the challenge of turning our home in to a enchanting Christmas wonderland ;) - starting tonight probably because we CANNOT WAIT A SECOND LONGER. Too excited, we could burst!

Much love,

L&R xxx

Ps. LAST ORDERS IN THE SHOP TODAY! Closing until 1st Jan - place any orders today if you'd like them before Christmas!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Dear Santa... The Twee Towers Deluxe List...

Dear Santa,

If we could have ANYTHING, Anything in the whole wide world; we'd want these things please...

A classic vintage car (in mint green!)
A Mulberry Bayswater Satchel in Pheasant Green (or any
Mulberry please)

A spree in Miu Miu would be very nice, and Marc Jacobs, and Stella McCartney...

A dreamy house in a tree... Magic!

and a belated invite to Hogwarts (we won't mind being 'mature students' - we'd look ace in the uniforms!) - if that's a stretch we suppose we'd be happy with a Studio Tour or a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter...

A trip to complete the Still Water Tour 73 Trail and see America would be divine - ending, of course, with an escape to Morocco.

A stunning vintage French Sofa, all our favourite Interior Styling features delights such as these. This blue one would look SO good in the Twee Living Room!

A fully operational TARDIS. To travel through time and space... We'd hit the 60s first, Cavern Club Beatles gigs! Then maybe saunter off to the 1800s and get a little wild with Wilde... Aaah the possibilities! (we probably wouldn't complain if you threw our very own Matt Smith in with the TARDIS too Santa!)

If we can't have a dimension hopping Police Box to travel in (hmph!) we'd settle for some adorable bikes!

whispers* and a plane that will fly to the moon?

Oooh and we could do with some new art. An original 'Blue Period' Picasso would look fabulous above the fireplace.

& if, Santa Baby, we've not completely spent all our Christmas allowance could you send some radioactive spiders our way? Super Powers would be... well, super!

Much Love
R&L xx

Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Moons // Double Vision Love video exclusive


She Dressed in Black are delighted to exclusively unveil The Moons video for the brilliant 'Double Vision Love', the first single from the eagerly awaited new album, entitled 'Fables of History'.

To hear this live, join The Moons at their London Christmas show at Bush Hall on Friday 2nd December! It's set to be a great night with support from The Sundowners and Flamingo Drive, so don't miss out and get your tickets here.

For more lunar exclusives and to keep up to date with what The Moons are up to take a look at or check out their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Much love,
She Dressed in Black & The Moons x

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Last orders at the Twee Towers Christmas shop!

Afternoon amigos. Just to let you all know that we will be shutting the shop on the 1st December to ensure that we get all orders complete before Christmas and have plenty of time for our own Christmas projects. Rhi has been busy gathering lots of inspiration together on our pinterest boards for amazingly cute Christmas DIY decorations, December is going to be so much fun so keep checking back for delightful festive ideas!

So if you would like to place an order a special someone a gorgeous personalised print, please visit our Etsy shop or contact us at info[@] by the 30th November to order or for any enquires :)

Here's a little snippet of what we can do for you...

'I Like You' print

Wonderfully charming - these unique art prints can illustrate anything from the inner workings of your world, a snapshot of a special event or simply record your quirks and charms.

Provide us with between 15-30 key words (depending on the size of your print) and your preferred colour scheme and we'll do the rest.

Surprise loved ones with a stunning collection of nostalgic memories and funny insights into their personality.
LAUREN LIKES (soft colour scheme)2

RHIANNA LIKES2christening

'I Like You' prints are offered either in A4 or A5 size options and can be created to mark a special occasion such as Christenings, Birthdays, Baby's First Christmas etc... Just pop us an email to discuss your specifications!

kelly prints

Bespoke 'I Like You' custom frames.

Framing options available.


All you need is the Fab Four...

As the biggest Beatles fans in the world (... probably) we designed a print to honour the Fab Four with a selection of their most popular song titles. Please don't mention all the good'ens that we had to miss out... we wanted to make sure we included everyone's favourites!
Available in two colour schemes, you'll find these on our Etsy shop (or if not - email and we'll get these re-listed for you!)

'Hey Jude'
We recently had a brief to design a customised 'Hey Jude' print as above. If you have any requests for lyrics to your favourite song, contact us and we'll see what we can do. We love working with you to create unique prints, special to you.


'Ex Boyfriends'

The newest addition to our line of prints... the Ex-Boyfriend series!

A cheeky ode to past loves, heart-break and the perfect remedy for getting over it with a sense of humour...

Disclaimer: Any reference to past boyfriends & lovers in these prints is purely coincidental, especially you, Severus... swine.


More print and colour options available on Etsy.

DarkartsRecord in Frame

Options for HP lovers too! Unfortunately, we don't currently offer this print framed but look how pretty it looks ;)


'Singing in Key'

Forever preserve the song that holds the key to your heart with these beautiful framed artworks featuring antique keys. Perhaps there is a particular song that represents a precious moment in your life, your all time favourite from childhood or even the first dance from your wedding...

Set in deep boxed frame, just let us know which song you'd like and what colour frame (black or white) and we'll source the sheet music and create this perfect keepsake!

singing in key

A4 or A5 options. The Beatles 'Blackbird' and 'I want to hold your hand' featured.

blackbird close

Hope you enjoyed exploring our shop and managed to find something wonderful to give as a gift this Christmas :)

Ps. As a first for the month of December, we're also looking to bring some of you lovelies on board the good old ship of Twee as we're offering sponsorship space right over there on the sidebar for the brilliant price of £5.00 for the month. Not only that, as a Christmas treat, if you purchase Dec we'll also give you January completely free! Sounds good huh! Check out our sponsor us post for further information and how to get involved!

Have a charming weekend sweets!

Much love,
L&R xx

Friday, 25 November 2011

Literature Love // Stuck on Oliver Jeffers...

litloving copy


We thought we'd take some inspiration from Little M's bookshelf and share the gorgeous whimsical children's of Oliver Jeffers. Beyond charming, his tales of friendship and self discovery warm the very depths of your heart, and can honestly make you both laugh and cry.

Our absolute favourite is Stuck, stictly speaking it's not on Little M's bookshelf yet as it is to be a birthday gift, but that hasn't stopped us leafing through it several times already... It's a giggle on every page, such funny twists and unexpected little turns - honestly worth owning even without a Little One around, the illustrations (as in all of Jeffers' books) are stunning! A future classic for sure. Can't wait to read it to Little M! :)

The Way Back Home

How to catch a star

Imagine our delight when we discovered that some of the little gems from his books, the adorable characters and objects have been transformed into stunning jewellery by Digby & Iona... Eek! Too lovely!

bigbottlenecklace3bigpenguinring1 bigpenguinnecklace1bigbooknecklace1

Find the jewels here

Hope you've got a nice weekend planned sweets :)

Much love,
R&L xx

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Twee Troubles // Lola's sewing woes...

Twee troubles_sew

Dearest comrades,

We're afraid that we have yet more woes to disclose. After an epic evening of organising and assessing priorities, we decided that leading up to the end of the year we wanted to devote more time to creating prints and completing orders in time for Christmas. With an influx of interesting projects lined up in conjunction with some of our favourite blogs we also wanted to dedicate time to a month of spectacular blog posts on She Dressed in Black. Therefore, darlings sacrifices must be made.

Our proposed Autumn/Winter collection is being re-designed and will launch in Spring 2012. This gives us more time to really refine the direction that we'd like to go in, as our first official girls collection it's really important to us to get this absolutely perfect! We'd be cheating ourselves and you if we rushed it. This will also give us a lot more scope to give a full insight into the process of designing and creating and we'd love to give you the opportunity to feedback and input along the way! Let us know if you have anything lined up yourselves, it would be great to collaborate and share tips!

This brings us on to dilemma number two... Lola needs to learn to sew. Give her a basic cushion pattern or a simple design that doesn't require an exceptionally precise hand and she's all good... but we shall be honest, the delicacy and refinement that will be required for pretty garments with exceptional detailing, she is just not up to scratch. So, as an aside project for the next few weeks Rhi shall be imparting knowledge and Lola will be indulging in a few practise mini projects... which will hopefully result in a few beautiful items for Twee Towers and our wardrobes! Check back to see how that goes... if the sewing machine ends up thrown out the window, we probably won't mention it... ever again.


Much love,
L&R xx

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Sponsor She Dressed in Black...

Hello Sugar-Plums,

Hope you're all very well today. Been a funny old week - after Rhi & Little M being under the weather last week, Lola's gone and got poorly too! Get well soon Lola!

Anyways, we've been thinking... It's probably about time we asked if anyone would like to share the love and join us up on the sidebar over there... We've had a few people enquire already and expressing interest in sponsoring us... It's been on the plan for a while - but we feel its the right time now to bring others on board the Good-Ship Twee for the month of December.

The deal:

You provide us with 180x150 of your finest pixels (or give us an image/logo and we'll fiddle till it fits) and we'll pop you up. We're offering the super duper introductory bargain price of just £5 and as its our first time we'll also give you sponsor space in January completely free - because we're nice like that :)
Not obligatory, but it would be super nice if you could offer our readers a little treat too - we all like treats :) something for us to giveaway would be a dream, but a little discount or even a guest post if you're a fellow blogger would be perfect too... In return we'll regularly rotate our sponsors so everyone gets a fair shot near the top, and we'll give you a very nice write up in true Rhi & Lola style to encourage our lovely readers to check you out...

December is going to be JAM PACKED with really lovely and exciting stuff. We've got so much planned in our countdown to Christmas - wicked DIYs for gifts and decorations, Little M's 'Super' 2nd Birthday Party, an exclusive giveaway from a wonderful jewellery brand and a whole host of other wonderful things that is set to draw in the crowds. All we need is you :)

Words of wisdom from Little M

So if you're interested then just give us a shout at info[@] to discuss a little more :)

Looking forward to the coming months with She Dressed in Black. We can't quite believe how amazing the past few months been and we are so excited about the future of the blog and our label... Can't wait to have you on board too!

Much love.

R&L xx

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Outfit Post // Gig Style

Hey lovers, did you all have a nice weekend? On Friday we travelled over to Kasbah in Coventry to catch The Moons on their current UK tour. It was such a good gig! The venue itself was amazing, a perfect coalescence of paisley print, fanciful art deco decoration and Moroccan furnishings, complimented with a Moroccan style outside bar...which they wouldn't open until the club night afterwards, bah! The Moons charmed us all with another brilliant set (that didn't seem quite long enough!) and as we hadn't seen them play since the summertime, it was so lovely to hear some of our favourite tracks from the new album!

Mixing old and new high street finds, here's what we wore...

Lola wears bronze metallic dress, River Island.

Rhi wear navy & black trim dress by Jane Norman.

Lola wears green leather chelsea boots, Asos; Rhi wears black suede court shoes, New Look

Antler necklace, Topshop.

Lola wears green faux fur coat by Topshop.

Rhi wears Kimono sleeved winter coat by Topshop; tan bag, H&M.

James Edward Bagshaw wear paisley kaftan by Pretty Green; black fur lined coat, Ebay.

'Nightmare Day' - The Moons, Berlin, 2011

Have any of you got any fun shows lined up?
Much love,
L&R xx
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