Monday, 19 December 2011

After Dinner Dance Party // Christmas Tunes Pt 3

Afterdinner copy

Less than a week to go Sweets. Are you ready? Are your presents wrapped and under the tree? Have you done enough to be on the 'Nice' list? We're just too excited now, we searched for some more obscurities and cool Christmas tunes, but we just had to go for an all out cheese fest, if you can't at Christmas then when can you?

SIR PAUL (with Wings) - Simply having a Wonderful Christmas time, yes Paul, yes we are! Especially Lola who is going to see Macca again with J today! Lucky elves!

This is how excited we are. Hall and Oates excited, we're walking round the house EXACTLY like this at the moment, jingly spring in our steps and a perma-grin fixed on our faces!

Well there you have it... Three weeks of Christmas themed After Dinner Dance Parties and not a single tune from Cliff, Mariah, Wizzard or Wha... WAIT A MINUTE...

We couldn't resist. Its got to be the best naff Christmas song, ever right?

The days are closing in so quickly aren't they?! Santa will be here before we know it, yay!

Whats your Christmas Cheese Track of choice?

Much love,
R&L xx


rosie said...

christmas is definitely the time for cheesyness and tackiness! love these all time favourite has to be the original band aid one though xx

Mary said...

I love all of these tunes! Thanks for sharing them.

Mary from ♥ ♥

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