Monday, 26 December 2011

Merry Christmas from Twee Towers

Wishing all our readers a very merry Christmas. Love Rhi & Lauren xx

We had a wonderful day, after being dragged out of bed at 7am by a very excited little M we made our way downstairs - and lo and behold SANTA HAD BEEN! We all got lots of very lovely presents... Then after a quick freshen up and tidy we got ready to entertain our families for breakfast...

We served up simply delicious bacon sandwiches on fresh fluffy white bread, porridge with cream & fruit, and gingerbread & strawberry santa's hats!

Santa Hats!

Artwork by J & Little M

Rocking retro boy on a retro rocking bike! Radio flyer!

DIY Floral centre pieces. On the breakfast table picture you may have spotted our carnation and candycane masterpiece. The greenery was forraged from the garden, and we used fresh cranberries, cloves, stair anaise and cinnamon sticks in a storm vase for a fragrant centrepiece in the livingroom.

We then went our seperate ways to celebrate with our familes, the festivities are continuing today as we're both out enjoying some more family time!

Just a few of snapshots from Christmas Eve, a mysterious door appeared in our fireplace, it's where the Elves get in as they help Santa with his mammoth delivery task. We all made them new shoes (as they do so much running around on Christmas Eve theirs get worn through!) and in exchange they left nice new PJs for everyone!

The rest of the day was spent finishing presents (including a DIY puppet theatre for Little M, we've got plans of showcasing that a little better soon!), drinking peppermint hot chocolate, watching Polar Express... and after Little M was in bed feasting on pretzels and olives while we gave Santa a helping hand!

Hope you all had a wonderful time yesterday and that Santa was very good to you all! :)

Lots of kisses and Christmas Wishes

R&L xx


Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

You two are just my ultimate favorites-- not to mention I've had that Dahlia purple-blue dress on my wishlist forever. Those santa hat treats look delightful!

Mary said...

Looks like the perfect Christmas, you guys always go the extra mile for breakfast. I wish I had the time. Anyways, Merry Christmas and stuff. Can't wait for New years at Twee towers!

Xoxo, Mary from ♥ ♥

Maria said...

You both look gorgeous and I am loving those Santa hats!

Maria xxx

chestnutmocha said...

awesome red hair!

E is for Eleanor said...

Aw this looks like the nicest christmas ever! Love it all, so cute :D x

Becky said...

Gorgeous dresses! I love both of your hair- You both look beautiful.

Dial V for Vintage said...

You both look wonderful! :)

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