Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas Twee // DIY Paperback & Beatles Baubles

In our excitement to make Twee Towers as Christmassy as possible, we spent Sunday afternoon being super crafty and we now have loads of simple, yet beautiful Christmas DIY projects to share with you. We stuck on our Christmas playlist and set to work sprinkling glitter and getting creative around the studio. To hang on the tree, the first things we made were these exceptionally cute 'Paperback & Beatles Baubles'!

All you'll need is some baubles to use as a base...

Then just tear up a couple of pages from an old book. Don't worry - we used the rest of the book for another really special DIY that we'll be sharing with you later in the week but if you don't fancy tearing up a book, old newspaper would also look really sweet.

Next cover the baubles in thick PVA glue (it felt like we were on Art Attack in the '90s, it was amazing) and start to stick your paper scraps on to the bauble. Layer the glue on top of the paper as well as underneath to ensure that it won't start flaking when it's on your tree. You may need to get a bit messy using your fingers to smooth out any ruckles and ensure even coverage.

When the bauble is completely covered and whilst the glue is still wet, sprinkle glitter over the top of the bauble for a bit of extra Christmas sparkle! Voila... done! Hang the baubles up to dry for a little while - we found that our clothes horse and pegs came in particularly useful! For extra sentiment, use text from your favourite books or quotes from best-loved authors, they'd even make really sweet pre-christmas pressies for loved ones!

In Twee Towers, we couldn't have a Christmas tree without including a little Beatles related touch so we used the same method, tearing up sheet music from the song Lady Madonna to paste on the baubles!

We love how these baubles turned out. We made two of each kind and think they'll make wonderfully unique additions to our our Christmas Twee! We have loads more fun little projects to share with you, from original christmas card ideas to super sweet handmade gifts, more to come this week!

In other exciting news, we have an amazing jewellery giveaway in conjunction with the fabulous Eclectic Eccentricity to offer you all on Sunday, it would be lovely if you could all get involved so keep an eye out for your chance to win :)

Much love,

L&R xx

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Kate's Irrelevant said...

How cute! you guys make some lovely pieces :) xo

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