Thursday, 1 September 2011

Twee Towers Tour // Guest Room

Twee Towers Tour

Today the Twee Towers tour bus brings you to... the guest room! With plans for development, we kind of like the idea of turning this room into a cosy, reading nook with a hippy vibe...think Morocco in the 1960s - tented with fabrics (did you see the pretty drapes from the cocktail tent in our Strawberry Fields post?), laid back leather pouffes and paisley prints. However, for the time being we thought that it'd be nice to have a little space for friends to stay!

We used a palette of soft blues, candy pinks and bright purples mixed this with vintage pin up prints and kitsch trinkets to recreate an antiquated dressing room with a modern twist.

The room also dabbles with elements of fashion & styling, from the hand-drawn fashion illustrations that embellish the walls to the bedside table made from stacks of fashion mags & decoratively placed dresses that suitably compliment the colour scheme!

Take a peak...







Twee Treats for guests, help yourselves sweets!


We've even had a few happy customers at Hotel Twee who have been kind enough to share their experiences of their stays...

"I’ve visited Twee Towers a good few times now. I even helped move the boxes of shoes, magazines, photos, more shoes and even more books. But I hadn’t got to make use of the guest room until the other night. It’s a step up from the sofa. Not that there’s anything wrong with the sofa. It’s a comfy sofa. I have to say, my recollection is hazy. I’d had a few White Russians and was feeling like The Dude in The Big Lebowski. But I’ll do my best. I slept well, awesome bed; seriously Premier Inn got nothing on TT. There was also a huge mirror. Which you could use for posing, looking into the distance, reciting a poem or drinking rose tea. Whatever tickles your twee. Some may question why there's a hat on the wall, you could even wonder if you need to have a box of wigs. But hey, when in Twee Towers, do as the twee do." Chris Wallace, graphic designer colour wizard & Twee Towers regular.

"I would like to say I slept soundly at Hotel Twee, however this would be distinctively untrue...a lie if you wish. Instead perched in the comfy bed with ornate pillows, I had to succumb to one of my ultimate vices, beautifully catalogued and piled high, Lauren and Rhi had collated a collection of Vogues to create a make shift bedside table, their minimalist spines my ultimate guilty pleasure. I suffice to say, I fell asleep cramming my head with old articles and Sienna's gap teeth, whilst waking up thinking it was 2008 and the peplum curve was the obsession du jour. I can only summarise by exasperating that this was the comfiest library I have ever been in" Samantha Hearn, fashion enthusiast, master of digital strategy & marketing & a Twee Towers first-timer.

Hope you enjoyed amigos and if you've missed the bus for the first part of the tour, you can rejoin here!

Much love,
L&R xx

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Zoe @ Pretty Zoo said...

Oh I want to come stay at Twee Towers and dress all fancy and have a magical tea-party (teapot cocktails!) I love your tours, so cute! xoxo

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