Sunday, 4 September 2011

Boudoir Bohemia & Sixties Scribbles


It's been all rather exciting over here at Twee Towers recently, awash with fresh ideas and a multitude of mini projects. In addition to starting the She Dressed in Black A/W collection, both myself and Rhi have also been working on a variety of other little creative endeavors!

This weekend I've been working on an artwork commission for a 7" vinyl sleeve. Although I can't say too much at this stage (so many projects, so many secrets!), stylistically I'm hoping to produce an illustration that effectively combines the look and feel of the band's musical direction as well as elements of my own style and influences.

As it's relatively rare for a band to release a single on vinyl nowadays, I liked the idea of keeping it all hand drawn rather than digitally produced to create a unique keepsake as well being a small snapshot into the sentiments of the song. Hopefully once it's complete the band will love it as much as I've enjoyed working on it!

art set up

I've temporarily turned J's bedroom into a kind of a bohemian boudoir with throws and cushions on the floor which is mainly just an excuse to sit next to the record player and sift through vinyls throughout the day... all helps the lady to focus and thus, playing an instrumental part in aiding the creative process ;)

DVL inspiration
The design features an accumulation of elements and inspirations ranging from 60s psych artwork to the early 1900s Art Nouveau movement. I've always been interested in Art nouveau artists such as Mucha and personally have always thought that his decorative flourishes nicely compliment the abstractness of pop art and over embellished sixties style. These themes have also had a massive influence on the typography that I've used, mixing pretty lettering with bold, heavy outlines. I also adore the pale pastel tones typical of Mucha and his contemporaries (as you may have noticed throughout the tours of Twee Towers!) and have integrated this into the piece too!

It's been such a joy to dedicate a whole weekend to one creative project and get properly stuck in. ... especially on a exceptionally rainy Sunday! Looking forward to sharing it with you once it's all done!

Much love,
L xx

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