Saturday, 24 September 2011

This week in the Studio // He's a Dedicated Follower of Fashion...


Hooray, it's the weekend! Hope you enjoyed the extra addition of some guest posts this week whilst we were busy in the studio! We are tremendously excited to reveal that the little side project that we've been working on is... dum dum duuuuuummm....

He Dressed in Black!

Without giving too much away - we're just about finished, annoyingly our key fabrics were held up in the post (merde!) but we decided to share the alternative fabrics we've sourced for trims and details...


We're working on a few pieces for some very special clientel... More will be revealed in due course (but we couldn't leave you hanging without even a glimpse! ;) )

We've been playing around with shapes, patterns and samples... and getting to do lots of research of impeccably dressed men (hardship...!)

The idea behind 'He Dressed in Black' - our menswear sideline came from one of our first celebratory nights out after we first moved into Twee Towers. We were up till the small hours scribbling in notebooks and sketching out designs - its soo exciting to see it finally come to fruition!

In the same vein of Carla's guest post, where she identified fashion's love affair with vintage styles and shapes, we realised that the men weren't as well catered for in this area. We've been harking back to Victorian Dandies, 20s Bright Young Things and 60s Sophisticats with the hopes of producing something a little niche and covetable for the boys!

We'll talk some more about our inspirations and goals for this collection shortly when we officially launch the pieces (yipeee!) and we promise we won't keep you waiting much longer! Don't worry girls, we're still working on the main collection too!

In the meantime, don't forget to check out our Etsy shop for cool, original prints from the 'I Like You' and 'Ex Boyfriend' ranges!

As always, we'll leave you with a nice tune to start your weekends with... the appropriately titled, 'Dedicated Follower of Fashion'... oh yes he is!

Much Love,
L&R xx


Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

A glimpse-- such a teaser you two are! x

Calla said...

I'm so excited to see both collections! I just discovered your blog, and its quite amazing!

Siddy said...

CANT NOT WAIT LADIES. This is soooo not on!! lol. Share the lurveeee

SDiB said...

Aww sorry darlings! We're so so close to completion now, we don't mean to tease! Haha. Thank you for your lovely comments :) xx

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