Monday, 26 September 2011

After Dinner Dance Party // The Sheffield Edition

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Oreyt! In honour of the few years I spent living in the wonderful city of Sheffield, at this week's After Dinner Dance Party I have been sharing a few of my favourite Sheffield ditties with Rhi & Little M!

... Although we could take a trip down memory lane from the time that Rhi came up to stay with me and got us up at silly o'clock to wait in town for hours in the freezing cold (after a somewhat heavy night out I hasten to add) to watch none other than McFly turn on the Christmas lights (not going to lie, I kinda enjoyed it in the end), I thought that I should probably show some of the other delights that the Steel City has to offer...

First up today amigos is Monkey Swallows The Universe with their stunning track 'Sheffield Shanty'. I was first introduced to this song when I heard it on a mix tape and fell in love with it at once, so pretty! Whilst the references to Sheffield landmarks & suburbs (most notably, the monstrous beaut that is The Arts Tower) may be lost on anyone that doesn't know Sheffield, for me it is the perfect ode to the City! Sadly the band has since disbanded but Nat Johnson's delicately, haunting vocals remain pretty dreamy on this Belle & Sebastian-esque acoustic dream...

To prove that some great things did come out of studying English Literature at Sheffield Uni; this is The Crookes with a wonderful stripped down version of 'Yes, Yes We're Magicians' from their Burberry Acoustic session. With tunes adorned with nostalgic tales from times gone by, it was hard to settle upon a choice for this post (check out 'Laundry Murder, 1922' - my personal fave from their album Chasing After Ghosts!) but this video is so beautifully shot!

Perhaps an obvious choice but no Sheffield orientated playlist would be complete without an appearance from Mr Richard Hawley with what is possibly the most delightful song in the world, 'Tonight The Streets Are Ours". Whilst, that lyric itself is enough to melt my heart, the song continues to give me butterflies listen after listen. To put it crudely; a crooner of the modern day Hawley has the ability to evoke sadness in the most uplifting of ways with angelic sounds & beautifully painted lyrics. In the same way that Roy Orbison and Scott Walker toyed with emotions through the juxtaposition between lyrical melancholy and melodic bliss, Hawley can transport you to the tragic and magical, simultaneously.

I think Little M enjoyed this one too... he's been seen running around Twee Towers channeling the spirit of Hawley with a 50s quiff (perfectly positioned bed hair he claims) and his momma's spectacles ever since! I think I'm fulfilling my God Mother duties sufficiently..

I'll have to pester Rhianna to reveal some of her faves from her time in London and share those with you sometime soon!

Much love,
L&R xx

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