Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Autumn/Winter Goals

Whilst flicking through our journals today we noticed that we hadn't made time to revisit the summer goals that we scribbled down upon embarking on She Dressed in Black earlier this year! Quelle horreur mes amies! We can't quite comprehend how far we've come already and it was wonderful to discover that not only have we completed most of our goals (yeah!) but we've also surpassed all of our expectations for the blog and business :)

We've been overwhelmed by everyone's support and good wishes (thank you so much!) your kind words keep us inspired and keep us working hard... sometimes things can get a teeny bit crazy and busy here at Twee Towers so it's definitely appreciated! That said, it's been a pleasure to work on a variety of creative projects daily and we wouldn't change it for the world.

So, as we don our autumnal attire and brace ourselves for the blustery breezes ahead, we thought it'd be a jolly good time to set out some new goals for Autumn & Winter! Take a peak...

Has anyone else set goals for this season? We'd love to see them!

Much Love,
L&R xx


Zoe @ Pretty Zoo said...

Exciting!!! Love it. And I *just* posted my twenty-five before 25 list! http://pretty-zoo.com/home/2011/9/13/twenty-five-before-25.html

Nico said...

Get into the University mindset, no matter how much I feel it's holding me back from doing what I really want.

Save at least a few pounds a month.

Exercise 3 times a week, every week with no excuses.

Stay positive, keep thinking of things to be grateful for, love my family, friends and boy.

Try and get my hair back into half decent condition for the Caribbean as I don't want to come back single when my boyfriend discovers I have secretly been hiding an afro for a year...

elsie said...

Awe! So fun! Thank you for such a sweet comment!
xo, Elsie

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