Wednesday, 28 September 2011

New Prints // All you need is The Fab Four

Hey Lovelies,

We're still busy, busy, busy working on He Dressed in Black but we couldn't wait any longer to share our new prints...

We might have mentioned we're Beatles fans (did you read about 'The day we saw Sir Paul'? ... and of course the story behind our name) - so we designed a print to honour the very Fab Four as they're so very special to us, and we know so many feel the same, so we hope you like it.



Please, oh please, don't mention all the wonderful songs we've had to miss out, honestly it was Sophie's choice when it came to fitting everything in. We hope we've picked most of everyone's favourites though...

So go check out these new prints on our Etsy Shop :) - don't forget our Ex-Boyfriend series as well, if you want to get your fill of 60s Musical Legends we have this awesome Jagger Print for sale too!


We'll be releasing some more song title prints in the next few weeks, any requests for your favourite artists?

Enjoy the rest of your week sweets :)

Much love

R&L xx


Siddy said...

hahaha I LOVE the last ones!! Jagger moves!
Happy Weekend Ladies

SDiB said...

Haha, why thank you! Keep your eyes peeled for a potential Haloween prinatable freebie... ooooh! xx

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