Friday, 30 September 2011

A Day in the Life at Twee Towers


7am - Little M comes bounding into Rhi's room to enthusiastically drag her out of bed, to get downstairs to cartoons and breakfast. He has little patience for the concept of 'waking up' - one must get out of bed NOW. He then toddles off down the hall to wake up Lola... she tries to get up early, but usually there needs to be a 2nd wakeup call at 8am.


7.15-8.30 - Rhi makes breakfast for Little M "Do you want toast?" - "Yeah!" ... "With phili?" - "YEAH!"... She'll stick the kettle on and brew some tea and take it up with a few slices of toast for Lola to entice her out of bed. It usually works. While Lola is beautifying herself and throwing on a dress as she leaves the house, Rhi sorts the lunches out... If its a Tuesday she'll chuck in some treats for Chris too (Tuesday is 'Treat Day' - much like Butterfields Sunday...) - we squeeze in some time to publish our posts for the day around this time too :)


8.40 - Lola makes her way to the office. Then its Rhi and M's turn to get ready. (Unless its a Friday when Rhi starts work at 9am too - MAD RUSH!)


9am-1pm - Rhi & Little M run errands, go out to play, or find some activities to do round Twee Towers (drawing, playing instruments, baking... or Little M's favourite Hobby 'Mess Making'!) before Rhi heads to work for the afternoon and M gets to hang out with his Granny or have lots of fun at nursery (making yet more mess wherever he is!)

lollies & screens

9-5 - Lola's Office... A drawer full of lollipops to aid difficult days! Annoyed with having to have so tabs many open at once whilst in the middle of a huge packaging project, she dabbled with having three screens for a bit, realised it was a bit excessive and went back to having two (as much as she enjoyed looking like she was in The Matrix)


Lola's desk decorations! Chris bought her the Mood Board Chart for her birthday last year - a flip chart of around 30 moods it's so much fun, allowing you to let the office know whether you're feeling ghetto fabulous, antisocial or emo. He modified it himself recently to include some more appropriate moods for Lauren such as 'Musical' (for when she indulges in a little lyrical improv) and 'Mmm morning pizza' (she was hungry!) She earned her 'I love Science' badge after exhausting Chris with questions about Space.


Chris & Lola proudly show exactly why they are employed to do Marketing & Graphic Design... bored of the calendar everyone in the office was given, they've taken it upon themselves to jazz theirs up month-by-month adding a little extra something to the landscapes & scenery. This is a selection of Lola's favourite months in which a badger got a Bowie makeover, Will Smith & Stevie Wonder hang out in the Australian outback, Reality TV stars have a Boat race in the rapids and a giant kangaroo takes them both in her pouch... to Coventry. They take commissions if you're interested...

5pm - Rhi usually makes it home first and makes a start on dinner... Our cajun cod with orange & tomato salad is a recurring favourite on the menu! Lola's home not long after to help finish up and get it on the table, where we have a catch up and share all the ideas we've come up with for the blog & collection throughout the day!

6pm - Dinner is cleared up, dishes are washed and the After Dinner Dance Parties begin. Such a good way to shake off a busy day and unwind, and we may have mentioned that its usually quite a good work out if we let Little M lead the moves!




8pm - Little M has kissed us good night and turned in for the evening, usually around 7. We arm ourselves with Lashings of Lavender Tea (because we still can't buy our beloved Rose Tea from the supermarket, hmph.) and head to the studio to get on with our collection, write our blog posts and design any new print ideas or work on customised orders.

11-12pm - We tear ourselves away (some nights anyway) for some much needed rest. We bid each other goodnight and usually snuggle down with a good book (even then we can't resist taking notes for an upcoming 'Literature Love'!) before catching some Zzz's ahead of another busy day...


L!$@ said...

Sounds like a busy but fun day.

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

how perfect! sounds like such a good / busy day! that food looks incredible by the way!! just stumbled across your blog and i love it!
xo TJ

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

What a busy/full day! It's sad how much of my days are wasted doing things of no real importance--- you two really use your moments. xo

SDiB said...

Thanks lovelies!

I think you'll surprise yourself if you write down 'a day in the life' on paper Amber - we didn't realise we fitted so much into each day either!

Just realised that we didn't even include other dates we keep such as Monday wine night (or tea!) with the girlies (when Carla & Rhi's sis come round for catch up chats) or the likes! How are you finding college, all settled now?


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