Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Twee Tours Tour // Little M's Bedroom

Twee Towers Tour

Howdy - today's tour brings us to Little M's Bedroom. I've been planning this room pretty much since the day he was born, his nursery in our old house was just typical blues with red and white gingham, sweet but nothing special... So I couldn't wait to get into Twee Towers and make a start on his Cowboy room, it didn't take long to pull together as I'd been gathering bits for months!! Come on in & have a look around...





Little M's Teepee, he loves to sit and chill in here, its where his teddy's sleep too.


Shelves salvaged from my mum, the Native American figures are vintage Playmobil. I used to have this set when I was younger (I used to be obsessed with 'Cowboys and Indians' too, loved watching Old Western movies with my Grandad when I was really little!) - sadly mine is nowhere to be found, so I've been collecting bits and pieces from the range on ebay!


More vintage playmobil.


'M' box and Cowboy window stickers. The huffy dragon was my favourite ornament when I was a kid but I've passed it down to Little M.


Vintage french tins, not very cowboy related but the colours are fab! The cowboy boots were a thrifty find too...


Little M's bed. Cosy layered blankets. The rabbit is by Maleg - his name is 'Butch' and the Cath Kidston bear is Cassidy (a gift from one of M's lovely godfathers and a catalyst in the cowboy theme of the room!)


The wall of art includes prints from Etsy, fabrics (bandanna paisleys and cowboy print from one of M's tiny baby vests), the obligatory Twee Towers chevron print, a poor encased Playmobil figure and the clock was saved from when my mum and I had a pretty little gift shop in our town's village!

That's all today folks, hope you had a rootin' tootin', good time. Little M's room still needs a few of finishing touches but hoping to share a couple of DIY tutorials with you when we get round to completing it! :)

Much love.
Rhi xx

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Karla Khodanian said...

Words can't describe how incredibly jealous I am that Little M has an adorable little teepee in his room!


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