Thursday, 15 September 2011

Daydream Believers & Candy Buffets...

Some more behind the scenes glimpses into our various side projects...

You may have noticed that we like to throw a party here at Twee Towers, which is why its so nice to have a little party planning business on the side. Rhi & her mum (Mama J) set up Daydream Believer Events after the resounding success of Mama J's wedding last June (and because it was a joy to put together... and we really like sweets...!) Here are the last couple of Weddings we had the pleasure of supplying with a delightful array of sweet treats...

vintage wedding candy buffet

Vintage delight.

vintage lollies and cakes

Traditional sweeties, lolly-pop Gardens and cascading candy necklaces from fanciful fondant stacked cake stands.

red retro wedding

Lola was on hand to help set up for this red and white retro themed candy buffet.

Lola is still working on her sleeve art commission - its shaping up beautifully :) ... We like to be kept busy here at Twee Towers!

Much love

R&L xx


L!$@ said...

Very nice :D

The Attic People said...

Yummy! What a nice job to do, I dont think I could resist eating a few along the way though.

You should def get down to London soon.

Marisa :)

Jaclyn T said...

I just came across your blog and now have another great site to keep me from working on essays. Thank you (I think?). :)

--Jaclyn T

Silver Twig Necklace GIVEAWAY @ my blog:

shannon*bear said...

You had me at candy buffet. Holy! Lovely job on the arrangements too ;-)

xo Shannon

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