Sunday, 4 September 2011

After Dinner Dance Party // Girls With Guitars (and Ukeleles...)

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Sometimes when we're busying ourselves in the studio (we're getting so much done! Its all moving so fast!) we like to throw slightly more chilled out After Dinner Dance Parties. Just girls with guitars (and ukeleles) - beautiful music to float about the house to and wonderful soundtracks for making charming things too!

Hope you enjoy this weeks slightly more mellow edition.

There will never be enough words to describe the brilliance and genius of Laura Marling. This darling doll produces songs so profound and heartwrenching its hard not to loose yourself in the worlds she spins with her enchanting lyrics... You'll feel she's looked into the darkest corners of your heart and plucked out your secrets and wrote a beautiful tune to accompany them for all the world to hear - her songs are relatable on so many levels. She's the only person we've ever come across who very rightfully deserves to be likened to the singing/songwriting high priestess Joni. Her third album is out a week today. Haven't looked forward to a release this much in a long time!

Simply adorable. This is one of those songs that brings a smile to your face no matter what sort of day you're having. First coming into the spotlight as a contestant on Australian Idol in 2006, some may recognise Lisa Mitchell's Neopolitan Dreams from a fabric softener advert... Love it when favourite songs come from such obscure places! Adoring the sweet video (and her pretty outfit) - don't you just wish you were dancing around a forest with prince charming, and having a tea party with dancing sunflowers right now...

We were already fans of the exquisite vocals and music stylings of Alessi's Ark, but oh, this cover of one of our all time favourite tracks, Lynyrd Skynyrd's Simple Man, is just hauntingly glorious! Just want to play it on repeat (and sometimes we do!)

We stumbled upon the exceptionally cute Sophie Madeleine quite by accident a couple of weeks ago and were taken by her sweet uke-rocking songs - The Rhythm You Started is the very catchy title track from her debut album released in July this year. One to watch we think! Listen to her lovely album here (Change the Numbers is a highlight!) and be sure to check out her fab 30 days of covers she recorded as a countdown to the album's release.

It wouldn't be right to publish this playlist without featuring the ultimate 'Girl with a Guitar.' She needs no introduction nor commentary... Joni Mitchell - Just Like Me (1966)

Happy dancing and daydreaming sweets.

Much love,

R&L xx

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