Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Getting Wiggy With It...

Sometimes when we're crazy busy in the studio and getting a little bit stressed, we like to let our hair down...

Photo 109
Photo 111
Photo 113
Photo 116
Photo 122
Photo 143
Photo 148
Photo 153
Photo 164
Photo 166
Photo 170
Photo 183
Photo 180

We're not loosing it... Honest! You know you're truly compatible friends when you both have an impressive wig collection...

Back to work then! So much to do, can't wait to share everything with you all!

Much love


ps. That tiny white kitty is called 'Boo' (or 'Princess Peekaboo' to use her full title) and she belongs to Rhi's sister, we were catsitting while she moved house. Miss that little ball of fluff!!


Zoe @ Pretty Zoo said...

Babes!! Oh I thought you had a new kitty... so sweet. Love your lippy Rhi, what brand/colour is it if you don't mind me asking? xo

Siddy Says said...

What a fun series of pictures lol, made me laugh as a scrolled down. PLUS, thumbs up for the title lol, thought that's fairly word-smithy of you :))

Jess said...

Love these photos! The wigs look amazing! and Princess Peekaboo is super cute!

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