Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Twee Tours Tour // Lola's Bedroom

Twee Towers Tour

For this week's Twee Towers tour, we thought it was about time to share with you Lola's bedroom!

The theme for the room developed quite naturally. I've always had a penchant for minimalist vintage white furniture and bed sheets and like to throw together a spectrum of pretty shades and contrasting patterns to bring a little life into a room. It leaves the room with lots of freedom for fresh revamps just by changing cushions and small furnishings!

The very first mission called for the employment of some very lovely friends to help cover the fuscia pink walls with a more subdued shade of cream. What seemed like 5 million coats later, the room had a much cosier feel. After about a week, I decided I wanted some colour in it after all and used a little grey/blue paint to make a cute feature wall. Not entirely finished yet, as with most of the rooms I still need to make some blinds and will probably add another rug to finish it off but it's almost there!


Although it does restrict the space that I have to play with somewhat, I do love these pretty white built in wardrobes. I have soo much storage space it's unreal. A double wardrobe, two singles as well as separate drawer space. For the first time in my life I actually have spare space (note to self: more shopping spree's required). I'm also enjoying indulging in a little ocd-esque organisation (dress wardrobe, coat wardrobe...and convincing myself that there is a definite need for a hat shelf!)


To compliment white bedsheets, I mixed up girly floral prints with bold 60s graphic print cushions (pinched from J's bedroom) for a fun contrast of patterns.


I carried on with this theme on the back wall. After spraying the silver frames white, I filled them with a selection of florals, cloud prints and our staple chevrons in a bright burst of yellow. Stuck for the perfect centrepiece, Rhi had the idea of hanging an antique key with a stripy blue & yellow ribbon! Super cute.


Another small obsession of ours here at Twee Towers - candlestick style lampshades. Loved this vintage looking cream shade as soon as I saw it! This bluebell forest scented candle is just a little bit good too!


For a lover of literature, the best thing to stumble across upon moving into a new abode is a floor to ceiling built-in bookcase in your bedroom! Possibly my favourite little alcove in the room. Left from the previous owner, the blue on wall is slightly lighter than the other shade of blue that I have but thought it looked quite good to make this corner stand out. The Twiggy portrait on the wall was painted by the boy :)


Books, books, books! So worth all the dollar spent at university to have begun a collection like this now. Although, our lecturers probably could have told us at the time that pretty much all of the literary canon is available for free on the ibooks app of our iphones! Sigh. Looking at this has also just reminded me that I really should unpack my Diana lomo - we could take so many pretty pics!


This irresistably sweet illustration is from Flapper Doodle, a wonderful little shop selling lush 1920s flapper art & stationary! I chose this one to hang in the reading corner as it was called 'The Great Gatsby!' The designer Kate's blog Scathingly Brilliant is also featured on our blogs we love page. Take a look - simply stunning!


Aside from the ukelele, the rest of the window sill is embellished with gifts including the 'Many Faces of Ringo' frame that Rhi bought me for my birthday! I've went with soft, buttermilk yellow accessories to tie the colour scheme of the bedroom together a little.


Home to all my special keepsakes (gig tickets, cards, photos etc) I thought it'd be cool to make more of a feature of this navy, vintage style vanity case so I dressed it with a paisley scarf and propped up a Monet print and old black & white snap of my Gran looking rather fetch (& nonchalently so). She's always wore a beehive well.


Haven't really got anywhere to hang this black baroque mirror but I can't bear to part with it so it's resting casually on some small storage units.

A classic Jane Birkin quote (Rhi bought me some Proust for my bday - it's next on my reading list!) and a wooden imitation of the Robert Indiana 'Love' sculpture that resides in New York. Originally red, I painted this yellow to match!


Indian style scarves work really well to cover plain storage boxes! The Serge Gainsbourg oil pastel portrait is another Mr Bagshaw creation - given as a house warming gift!


"That'll be the Day"...The boy's amazing Buddy Holly portrait! After promising the painting to me during university, I finally got round to picking it up two years later, and so it began... :)


I always keep my current reads on this shelf along with my Moleskine - after discovering my love for these leatherbound notebooks at uni I actually can't live without one now! I take one everywhere with me, perfect for scribbling down notes, ideas and keeping track of SDiB ventures.

My friend Chris (and fellow marketing chum) bought me the copy of 'Clients from Hell'. Taken from the blog of the same name, it's a hilarious insight into the perils of graphic design. Also on display is a snap of my little brother and I when we were younger, a Cat's Eyes vinyl (so good!) and one of the first 'Singing in Key' prints that we created, made with antique keys & sheet music to The Beatles', 'I want to hold your hand'.

vintage suitcase

Both the vintage suitcase and vanity case are much loved hand me downs. The bicycle rug was a Urban Outfitters purchase!


A sneaky peak inside the dress wardrobe!


As you might have saw on our Autumn/Winter goal list - Rhi and I made it our mission to colour co-ordinate our wardrobes to make it easier to scout out outfits. I always find that I forget that I have some items so it's a really good way to mix up your wardrobe for a fresh perspective. One goal ticked off the list!

Next week on the tour Rhi will give you a guide around her beautiful boudoir!

Much love,
L xx


Nico said...

Your man is an AMAZING artist. Like...breathtaking! Lucky that you can poach some pieces from him!

Jessie - The Velvet Bow said...

Lurveee that Twiggy portrait, but it is made even more special by the fact that it was painted by your guy. Too sweet.


Jess said...

Love the keys in the frame!!

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