Saturday, 13 August 2011

Twee Treats // Rose Martinis...

Exciting news everyone - RHI IS BACK & she's brought lots of treats back with her...


Among the millions of bottles of champagne; red, white and rosé wine; violet, rose and raspberry liqueurs; rose tea, violet tea, sweets, flavoured sugars, sweet biscuits, macarons... were the ingredients to make a super twee rendez-vous cocktail for our reunion!

Rose Martinis

Rose Martinis:

You will need:

Martini (bianco)
Rose Liqueur
Rose Cordial
Dried Rose Buds
& Ice...

As with our Twee Punch the measures and amounts are rather made up (aka liberal... aka a little too strong!) so just experiment with amounts until you get the flavours the way you like it (recommend a splash of vodka to a glug of martini and rose it up to taste!) - pour everything into a jug with ice, give it a stir (sorry, Mr Bond.) pour into a lavish glass (Rhi also picked up some of these Dita Von Teese style champagne 'coupes' - aka Marie Antoinette glasses - modelled on the French queen's bosoms!) - garnish with a rose bud - et voila! Perfection! Sip with friends, perfect for parties (or a girly night in!)

Much love R & L xx

ps. We'll share some food recipes soon - we promise we don't just live off of cocktails!

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J E BAGSHAW said...

Cant wait to try one of these, booze central at twee towers momentarily! x

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