Saturday, 27 August 2011

Lola's Birthday // A wondrous place

Firstly, I'd like to say a big, big thank you for all the birthday wishes on Thursday, so sweet of you! Also a particularly special thanks to my dear family & friends for the lovely cards and the most thoughtfully brilliant presents ever (loved them!), my parents who took me out for a lush birthday meal, Rhi & little M for my AMAZING pancake & champagne birthday breakfast and a hilarious morning messing around on photobooth, my wonderful friend Chris for afternoon birthday drinks & J and The Moons for serenading me with a 'Happy Birthday' from the studio! I was incredibly spoiled but was such a insanely fun day... thanks so much lovers!

So much going on and that's not all! It all started off smashingly last weekend when an early treat was planned by the boy (with time scheduled in the studio this week, he's been away putting the final touches to the new album, 'citing!)... Personally, I think birthdays should always be celebrated all week anyway and he got extra bonus points for making me a card that looked like a collar :)

Suitcase packed and no idea where we were off too, I was super excited to find that were were heading to an enchanting 17th Century manor house for the weekend. Lovingly restored, the estate masterfully blends the traditional with the contemporary creating a stunning backdrop to our amazing weekend for an extremely, extremely, lucky birthday girl, (Thank you so much J!)

The best part was sneaking around the rooms and discovering the magical Grand Hall...I never thought I'd be one to fall head over heels in lust with a window display and a fireplace. Though, maybe a little too extravagant for Twee Towers to emulate. The perspectives of the grand hall that we captured is really making me want to do some scribbles now as well! Love drawing architecture. The gardens and grounds looked simply magical in the summer sunshine too.

We wrapped up the night with a meal from an incredible a la carte menu (seriously, chips taste way better when they're stacked artfully like Jenga pieces) and indulged in a few cheeky tipples.

Not going to pretend everything was rosy... heels and pebbled driveways...nightmare. I shall remember to consider appropriate footwear next time, but tis to quibble...














As it's my birthday and I shall leave you with a song if I want to... The Last Shadow Puppets covering my fave Billy Fury song!

We had the best time, thanks again everyone!

Much love,
L xx

ps. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARLALALAA lots of love from SDiB xx

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Carla said...

Ha, I literally just read this! Thank you for my happy birthday!

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