Tuesday, 2 August 2011

DIY LOVE // Make Your Own Record Player!

Do you find yourself with stacks of vinyl and no record player? So do we, *sigh*. Not for lack of searching, we just haven't found the perfect one yet! I'm sure it will find its way to us soon.

In the meantime, do not fear darlings, here at Twee Towers we don't need an excuse to embark on seemingly impossible DIY projects and today we bring you... Make Your Own Record Player! The best thing is, there's only a few simple steps and you don't even need electricity!

Please don't try this on your best vinyls though - we're good but we're not that good!


All you'll need is:

  • A vinyl

  • A paintbrush or pencil

  • A plastic cup

  • A pin


Firstly, stick the pin through the base of the plastic cup (so that the head of the pin is on the inside).


Place the paintbrush through centre of the vinyl (you can also use a pencil if this fits better)... we used blu-tac to make it a bit more sturdy!


Then you're just about ready to spin! Ideally you will need two people, one to twist the paintbrush around to spin the vinyl and the other to hold the cup over the vinyl letting the pin scratch the surface. Start from outside of the vinyl, holding the cup as steady as you possibly can, the pin will slowly creep towards the centre playing your song!

It takes a few goes to perfect and the vocals are a couple of octaves higher than you might expect but it all adds to the charm we think!

Here's our attempt at playing Cilla Black's 'Step into Love':

Happy spinning!

L&R x

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