Monday, 1 August 2011

After Dinner Dance Party // Space Edition

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Sometimes over dinner we ponder on the "Great Unknown"... We wonder why on earth people are so scared of Alien Invasions and Body Snatchers. Silly humans, why would Aliens want to take over our brains, when they could take over the world in force, in the body of an Elephant... We then conspired that the dinosaurs didn't die out, they were just 'beamed up'... with Elvis.

On that note, we thought we'd share some Out of This World tracks this week, from the weird to the wonderful.

Paul St John

Paul St John's 1972 track kindly informs us that Flying Saucers Have Landed! HELP! (the Flip side to this record is also worth a listen, Spaceship Lover - creepy love affairs on Spaceships - fantastic!)

Joe Meek

Joe Meek, the genius that was (he might come up a lot in our After Dinner Dance Parties...) - I Hear a New World, the opening track from 'I Hear a New World - an Outer Space Music Fantasy' - the concept album, written and recorded by Joe Meek and 'The Blue Men', released in 1960 - lightyears ahead of its time.

The Spotnicks

Are you still with us? We did say it would get weird... Here are The Spotnicks. Performing in spacesuits. Quite possibly the best thing we have ever seen.

War of The Worlds

We couldn't possibly publish this post without a mention of Jeff Wayne's War of The Worlds. What is not to love about this epic musical interpretation of H.G. Wells' groundbreaking space invasion novel? Justin Hayward singing Forever Autumn is one of the highlights, with the addition Richard Burton's otherworldly narrative, it transports you straight to an alternative Earth under seige from alien invasion.

... We'll probably go to bed wearing tinfoil hats tonight and we'll definitely be wary of the elephant enclosure at the zoo going forward...

Happy dancing! See you next week!

Love R&L x

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