Friday, 5 August 2011

Bruces' Ponderings // Bon Voyage


Bonjour, ca-va, whatever... Bruce here, but you can call me The Boss.

I have a dilemma, there are suitcases in the hall, the smell of suncream in the air - and the big floppy hat is down from the wall on the landing. Someone is going on holiday. I feel envy bristling in my fur, how I long to be casting off to distant shores, to feel the sand on my paws, a gentle tropic breeze through my whiskers...

Alas, no... I am forever destined to remain in the little close where Twee Towers sits. Quelle horror! I have been informed that the ferry sets sail at noon, and Rhi and Little M shall be on it. Returning to my homeland, without me (they think I am not French, because I was born in England, but Francais is a state of mind!).

They shall sip good wine, eat croissants and fine cuisine... and I shall continue to eat food from a pouch - merde!

Lola has informed me we shall have a blast... I'll probably milk it for a bit at first, demand more cuddles, play the sympathy card, you know... Then I'll probably just spend my days perfecting my chord changes on the guitar to Dancing in The Dark for my next Springsteen tribute gig, maybe even have a read of this Poe guy they've been talking non-stop about, I think I might like him, I hear it gets pretty dark...

Anyway, I'm over it! Bon Voyage Rhi & Little M - see you next week! Off to torture Lola.

Au revoir,

The Boss x


(Any excuse to wear stripes & berets! - Bye Rhi & Little M - have amazing time! Will miss you! L xx)

see you next week guys! Rhi x

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