Saturday, 6 August 2011

Best Day Ever // The Day we Sang with Sir Paul

Our favourite memory... The Day we Saw Sir Paul!


You may not have failed to notice that we are HUGE Beatles fans, so we couldn't miss the chance to see a real life living Beatle in concert when Sir Paul played Hard Rock Calling in June 2010...

Following the tremendous support of Elvis Costello, Crowded House and Crosby, Stills & Nash... We waited with baited breath and giddy with excitement for one of our four favourite Beatles (don’t make us choose!) to take the stage... He opened with ‘All My Loving’ – and I don’t think we stopped dancing from then on.

Enraptured in the moment... we were convinced to Give Peace a Chance, we cried when he sang 'Blackbird', and shed even more tears during his touching tribute to John - ‘Here Today’ ...

He performed some of our most loved Beatles tracks including A Day in The Life...

Along with a healthy sprinkling of Wings hits (yes!) and his own solo material, climaxing with his show stopping performance of Live and Let Die – we were totally blown away by the incredible use of PYROTECHNICS and fireworks.

Towards the end (after dancing the night away with us) Little M fell sound asleep when Macca and all of Hyde Park sang along to 'Hey Jude'... (we can always remind him of the day Paul McCartney sang him to sleep!)

Not even having to leave before the end to catch our train could bring us down as we danced up Park Lane singing along to "Get Back!" (though - please just don’t mention the fact that there was a second encore. Sob.)

It has to be said that Sir Paul has still got 'it' - such an entertainer and an enthralling performer, the whole crowd was hanging onto his every word and there wasn't a single person who looked like they weren't having the time of their lives... Magic!

Wish we could relive it again!

Huge love.

L&R xx

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Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

'All My Lovin' is my absolute favorite. <3
Whenever my dad used to deploy, he would dance around with me on his shoes and sing it to me. Oh, it must have been so amazing to see him sing it live. :) x

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