Monday, 29 August 2011

After Dinner Dance Party // Cool for Cats edition

Afterdinner copy

'Sup Kittens,

The Boss here. Week in, week out I have to put up with Lola, Rhi & Little M throwing shapes in the kitchen during their After Dinner Dance Parties whilst I'm trying to have a sneaky cat nap... so I'd thought it's about time that I took over the decks to throw my own tunes whilst they're in the studio getting stupidly excited working on designs for their first collection or something. So go and grab some cat nip, here's a selection of my favourite kit hits!

First up tonight is The Coasters with 'Three Cool Cats', totally rad. A nonchalently cool beat & irreverent lyrics with early rock n roll harmonies, I'm all over it. I probably should have chosen The Beatles version but I'm all about this original baby. Though seriously, what on earth is this video about darlings? So not cool.

Some of you may be deceived by my perpetual petulance thinking I'm not the most sentimental of felines, but believe me when I say that I do have a tender side. Cat Power's version of 'Sea of Love' may be one of the most beautiful songs that I've ever heard. Truly heartwarming. I think I want this at my wedding.

Ahhh David Bowie, my second favourite artist (after Bruce of course). Sounding a little bit latter day Johnny Cash at the start, 'Cat People' bursts, true to form into a spectacularly epic chorus, Bowie style. My paws are a-tapping. Interesting ideologies too, who are these Cat People?

Although I do love the version with the cute fluffy feline from The Aristocats this Psapp version is more up my alley. Enjoy kitty cats, everybody digs a swinging cat!

Peace out pussycats, I best go before they drag me away from the mac.

Bruce the Boss
The feline in chief at Twee Towers x

ps. Some may be shocked, even saddened that I haven't included any Springsteen, my idol in today's Dance Party... don't worry, soon as I get the ladies out the way again, there may a Brucey Bonus sometime soon!

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J E BAGSHAW said...

cat people is phenomenal x

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