Sunday, 7 August 2011

Twee Art // Hannah Frank


Art plays a big part in the decor of Twee Towers - so we thought we would share some of our favourite pieces. Hannah Frank's haunting black & white prints are a prominant feature in our home (we have 5 of them!). Born in 1908 -Hannah later studied art at the University of Glasgow - publishing works in the university magazine under the psuedonym "AL ARAAF" (the title of an Edgar Allan Poe poem). Some of her works reflect her feelings towards WW2, from a Jewish family with brothers in the army they depict dark, guant figure representing the plight of the refugees. Not all pieces are so sad, a lot of her work features ethereal figures, fairy and goddess like - in woodland settings. The four prints above are hung throughout the house - and the below is possibly one of our favorites - with its incredible detail, based on a poem by Percy Shelley.



The three prints above are on our wishlist. The first a beautiful figure reading Hans Christian Anderson's Fairy Tales would be a stunning addition, the others, strong feminine figures that would compliment our collection perfectly.

Hannah sadly died in 2008, aged 100! She left an incredible legacy and body of work, which inspires us in our work every day.

Hope you enjoy her art as much as we do! To learn more about Hannah Frank and her art visit:

Much love. R&L xx

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