Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Twee Towers Tour // The Bathrooms

Twee Towers Tour

This week in our tour of Twee Towers, we're letting you have a little sneak peak into the Bathrooms! 'Illusions of grandeur' is probably the best way to describe the theme that we went with in the main bathroom! As a backdrop we painted the walls a slate blue-grey and then placed cornflower blue and champagne coloured towels to finish! Over the top and lavish, we love that this bathroom has turned out to be such a luxurious room to soak in some bubbles and relax with a book (or a small glass of wine!)

Just a little tip... for a delicious bathtime experience try our latest obsession Pink Grapefruit body wash by The Body Shop... it smells sooooo gooood!


Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the twee-est of them all...the ever so slightly ostentatious object of our affections! A guilty delight but oh beautiful, this ornate, baroque style mirror adds the perfect dose of drama and theatrics to the room!

To compliment the baroque shape of the mirror we found these mirrored wall stickers in Urban Outfitters and had to have them! Absolute magpies!


Chunky church style candles accentuate the opulance of the room.


Playing with the over the top nature of the bathroom, we decided a little tongue in cheek Marie Antoinette portrait wouldn't go a-miss! First she ruled over France, now she reigns over the Twee Towers bathing rituals, encouraging us to indulge in some extravgent pampering. The frame was a re-worked thrifty find. Originially pink, we sprayed the frame white whilst leaving a sneaky peak of pink for a little splash of tarnished colour.

keep calm and carry on the loo

London's swinging! We decided that as the bathroom most visitors to Twee Towers would use, it was only apt that we styled the downstairs loo as a humourous tribute to our love for all things London! The staple, wartime 'Keep Calm & Carry On' dominates one wall - a relevant slogan for a downstairs loo one might think.

london loo

A cute collection of postcards, birthday cards & even Little M's first birthday invite!

queen in the loo

The piece de resistance... amongst the adorable mini wooden version of London made by Muji, the traditional wooden policeman and Selfridges' special edition Union Jack champagne resides... Queen Liz. We only realised how much we loved this being there when our male friends reported back of the uncomfortable pressure of weeing before Her Majesty the Queen.

Stand up & Salute!

Hope you're enjoying the tour sweets!

Much love,
L&R xx

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So lovely and charming! Thank you for the sweet comment!
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