Thursday, 25 August 2011

Happy Birthday Lola!


Pictures to follow soon of our beautiful breakfast at Café Twee... but here are some fun photobooth snaps we took of us enjoying the start of the long birthday weekend! Happy Birthday to Dearest Darling Lola.

Photo 20

Photo 32

Photo 35

Photo 34

Photo 39

Photo 40

Photo 31

Photo 43

Photo 45

Photo 29

Photo 41

Photo 48

Photo 49

Photo 51

Photo 50

Photo 28

M took over the booth... We don't know where he gets it from...

Photo 22

Photo 26

Photo 25

Much love.

R&L xx


Nico said...

That last photo of cute I could squeal! Have a happy birthday day at Twee Towers! xxx

ruthruthruth said...

Can I keep M please? He is just too cute! And you both obviously look wonderful as always (I dont believe you just got up, much too pretty!)

Happy birthday Lauren xx

L!$@ said...

Ahhh I love photo booth! :D Happy Birthday Lola! M is too cute :D

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