Saturday, 30 July 2011

Warming up Twee Towers...

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2 weeks ago we had a gathering to celebrate the move (it was great motivation to finish off all the decorating!). We did intend to take lots of pictures of our little soiree, but as it turned out we were just having FAR too much fun playing hostesses to think about snapping all our friends (and maybe we drank just a little too much Twee Punch...!)





Luckily we did remember to get pictures of our cute little candy table before it was demolished! We had a selection of everyones favourites: dolly mixtures, sherbet lemons, flying saucers, jelly beans, marshmallows, donuts and popcorn - was a big hit! (We do have some experience doing these though, Rhi runs a candy buffet and events company with her Mama - Daydream Believer Events.)

The Punch was our own twist on the classic Summery Pimms...



Fill a jug with a few handfuls of ice, raspberries, strawberries and cucumber.
LOTS of Pimms.
Quite a lot of Creme de Framboise.
(a few generous splashes of whatever else is lingering in the cupboards... we suped it up with lemon and manderin liquours!)
Top up with Fizzy Flavoured Water (we used Pear and Elderflower!)
Tear off some mint leaves
stir everything around...

Serve and get merry :)

We're planning another party for next month because Lola's turning 23! Stay tuned for that - its going to be super cool, can't wait to share it with you!!

Love R&L x

{{Editors note: We originally posted this with the recommendation that you topped the punch up with Lemonade... However, we later remembered that we used Pear and Elderflower fizzy water, that was what made it so wonderfully special and not your typical Pimms beverage - we may have been slightly intoxicated when we made the punch, hence the memory lapse - Apologies for our error, trust us it is MUCH better with the flavoured water.}}


James Edward Bagshaw said...

twas a great party, looking forward to the next one, i will sort a playlist out again of course, or maybe even bring my record player?

SDiB said...

Thanks JEB! A record player would be you'll see later in the week, the desperate lengths we go to to listen to our vinyl ;)
L x

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