Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Twee Tours Tour // The Playroom

Twee Towers Tour

For this weeks Twee Towers tour we thought we'd give you a peak into Little M's world - his 'Up, Up and Away' playroom. This was one of the first rooms we focused on completing, we wanted to make sure Little M felt settled in the house and had somewhere that was entirely for him as our work sometimes spreads throughout the other living areas... We learned a few decorating lessons doing this room, ie; just because a paint is called 'Sky Blue' does not mean that it will remotely resemble the sort of bright sunny skies you'd imagined, but some garish blue with a rotten sheen, forcing you to repaint half the room (we'd got so far convincing ourselves "it will dry lighter" ... it didn't.) but the replacement colour was perfect, a little trail and error never hurt! So come take a look around, don't worry about making a mess, Little M prefers it that way...





The reading corner. We were such book worms as kids, so it was important that Little M had a cosy space to get comfy with a book, he loves to sit in here hand us books to read to him (over & over!) - The fab punk-rock 'Ramones' mouse was made for us by Summerland Creative out of Little M's tiny little babygrows!


How could we have forgotten to introduce you to this member of our household before! Meet the black sheep of Twee Towers (literally) - his name is Jam The Ram (named after The Jam, of course.) - he was a very special Christening gift from Rhi's aunt and was handmade by The Rocking Sheep Co.


Remember the 'Girl in the Donut' from our kitchen? Well these stickers are also made by the wonderful Belle & Boo (via the lovely Sisters Guild) - and were the inspiration for the room's 'Up, Up and Away' theme. Aren't they just beautiful? The clock was pinched from the shop that Rhi & her mum used to own in our village.



Mobiles - The planes are by Flensted, who create stunning works of dangling art. The second an Ikea purchase!



Wooden Toys - The London Bus & Noah's Ark were also Christening gifts and some of Little M's most treasured toys and are always out on display as focal points in the room, the window sill and on the table.


Band in a Bucket! You may have spotted that we have lots of instruments dotted about Twee Towers, always easily accessible, Little M leads up the percussion section of any impromptu musical outbursts that come over us (it can get a little 'Sound of Music' here sometimes!)



The hotair balloon prints are two of our favourite thrifty finds. Rhi had spent HOURS trawling Etsy looking for the perfect vintage style art works to compliment the room, but nothing was quite right... One day, when rummaging through the sewing pattern section in a local thrift shop she noticed lots of framed artworks for sale on a far wall, she nearly missed these pictures as they were tucked around the corner... You know that feeling when you spot something that is exactly what you've been searching for, in a place you least expected to find it? She practically cartwheeled to the till with her perfect finds!

The room is still waiting on a few finishing touches, some bold stripey blinds are on our to make list, along with recovering some of the cushions in the reading corner... but we were so pleased with the way it came together (especially after the initial painting disaster!)

Hope you like it sweets :)

Much love R&L xx


L!$@ said...

Very nice room ladies :D Love the theme too!

Anything but Bland said...

aww! very cute! thank you so much for the comment :) following you :))

love, polly

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