Friday, 12 August 2011

Outfit Post // Field Day in LDN


Hey, thought I'd do a quick outfit post from our recent trip to the big smoke for Field Day '11 as quite a few people have asked where I'd got bits from! Was SUCH a fun day, watching bands, milling around in hospitality ;), catching up with old friends and meeting some wonderful new ones!

Most of my outfit was made up of my favourite high street finds of this year...


Stripy Dress: Topshop


Collar: LouLou Loves You

One of the best birthday presents ever! My lovely friend Samantha bought me this collar after spending hours with me trying to find the perfect 'Birthday Dress' this time last year. I was looking for a Wednesday Adams style/sixties mini dress (fyi: mission unsuccessful).

I was completely overwhelmed when I unwrapped this beauty from 'LouLou Loves You'. Ironically from their 'Lola' range ( could say it was meant to be) it's a stunning handmade peterpan collar made from silk. It's also incredibly versatile, I love wearing it over tee's to work to dress them up, as well as over dresses to give them a sixties edge.



Boots: Asos; Mustard & Tan Coloured Satchel: H&M.


Summer Raincoat: Topshop '10.
I love this coat, it's light enough for the summer and has a hood - vital for England's sudden showers!



Mr Bagshaw wore...
Hat: Rokit in Covent Garden; Shirt: Gladrags vintage; Coat: Topshop circa 2007.

A couple of snaps from the day:



In honour of my trip to the city, thought I'd leave you with another of my faves, 'London' by Noonday Underground - such good footage too. Happy dancing Lovelies!

Much love,
L xx


stina said...

i LOVE the loulou loves you collar! i am so temted to get one myself (hmm.. i guess i could give myself a very late birthday gift..?) it looks absolutely darling on you.

Michelle said...

That collar is gorgeous!! xo Michelle

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