Thursday, 4 August 2011

Scents and Sensibility

We like to fill Twee Towers with the delightful aromas of all things sweet... the beautiful fragrances that linger in the air here were devised by Perfumer Extraordinaire - Angela Flanders.

Angela Flanders

Rhi had the immense honour of working for Angela in her quiant little shop on Columbia Road in London. She woke every Sunday, excited to get back in among the treasure trove of perfume bottles and spend the day introducing people to the most enchanting scents, that Angela conjures up in her own little workshop - everything mixed and made by her own fair hands and invented using her instinctive understanding of the fine art and alchemy of perfume making.

Her range covers everything from crisp, fresh citrus scents, aromatic woody fragrances, exotic orientals, - some her own adaptations of traditional fragrances, and even those based on legends (the delightful 'Hungary Water' - said to have been first made for the Queen of Hungary in 1370, the story goes that it restored her youthful beauty and she married the King of Poland at the age of 75!) - and historical romances (like 'Josephine', named for Napoleon Bonaparte's first wife - who apparently was enamoured with the scent of violets... it is said that after he returned from exile after hearing of her death, Napoleon went and gathered violets from her garden, he wore them in a locket until the day he died as a constant reminder of their turbulent love.)

To write a list of recommendations would be futile, we'd be just as well copying and pasting the entire range from her website... The fragrances that we use on a daily basis however are: Manderin and Mint (especially lovely in the kitchen); Rose Linen Spray (the most true and traditional rose fragrance - keeps the linens in the cupboard smelling lovely); The wonderous French Moth Herb Spray (to keep those pesky beasts from making holes in your best clothes! It really works!) - and perhaps our most beloved, the aforementioned violet-based 'Josephine' (romantic and dreamy... the perfect fragrance to accompany spending an evening creating pretty things!)


Take a look at Angela's online home here. However if you're ever visiting East London on a Sunday, you simply HAVE to visit her magical little boutique, it is an must see, one of the city's best kept secrets. Nothing better than a trip to Columbia Road's amazing flower market on a Sunday either :)

Much love.

R&L xx


celestial* said...

I can't believe beautiful shops like this exist in our modern world.. GAH I want to go to Europe.

SDiB said...

Aw, there are some absolute gems over here - if you ever get the chance to come and explore... you must! :) xx

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