Thursday, 12 January 2012

Twee Troubles // A very blustery week...

Dear Wind,

We've expressed our concerns of your behaviour before, when you threaten to whisk our fringes from our faces - but last week you took things to a whole new level. Blasting around Twee Towers at Gale Force last week you put us in multiple predicaments that we'd rather have avoided thank you very much.

Firstly, whats a girl to do with her hair on such occassions when you decide to bluster up our styling plans. An up-do finds itself undone, dishevelled and falling out by the time we've crossed the street, but to leave our hair down about our shoulders see's us confronting mirrors looking like we've been dragged through hedges backwards and spending too much time, tear-inducingly detangling the nests that you've whipped up upon our heads (we like nature but we do not like cultivating habitats for winged creatures in our hair!)

Then, when you're a girl of the dress/skirt wearing persuasion - how do you prepare yourself for an unexpected gust revealing your underwear? Especially while ladened down with bags or crossing a road pushing a buggy as the case may be for Rhi, not a shade as glamorous as Miss Monroe makes it seem we can assure you Wind. If you think you're doing us some favours creating '7 Year Itch' style promotion for She Dressed in Black - you're not. Leave our skirts alone, please, we beg of you!

Lastly, and this is the most troublesome, when we lay our heads down at night, after a long day of work and bustling about in the studio, we like to hear a reassuringly soothing breeze outside perhaps, or better yet a peaceful silence from you Wind. However when you rattle the windows, throw about the Twee garden trees and whip around in such a frenzy that we fully expect to awake in Oz, it certainly does not provide one with a suitable nights rest.

Now with all due respect, you appear to have 'softened the blow' and the break-neck speeds at which you were flying around us have subdued. Pretty please Wind, with a cherry on top, could you keep it down now, or we'll have to invest in cycling shorts and hair nets... Not a good look, especially if we're going to have to be meeting with the Wizard, a girl likes to be looking her Judy Garland best when she learns to click her heels together.

Much love,
R&L xx

ps. here is a nice song featuring The Wind :)


Ria said...

I want and have asked the same thing from the wind as well. But apparently the wind here, not only did not listen, but brought rain too... Which is a combo that I hate with passion. Especially when I have to go out!

Lauren said...

Speaking of Dorothy, it's been super-duper windy here in Kansas, as well (even by our standards). It even knocked my husband's motorcycle over last week!

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