Monday, 30 January 2012

After Dinner Dance Party // Vinyl Revival Pt. 4

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We hope it hasn't gone unnoticed that Ringo Starr is quite possibly our favourite Beatle (sorry John, Paul & George!) ... So who better to feature this week than the genius behind Octopus's Garden himself? Back in the stacks of Rhi's Dad's collection is this rather special single - Ringo Starr - Only You.

This single is from his 1974 album Goodnight Vienna, John Lennon actually recorded the initial demo of this version and sent it to Ringo suggesting that he cover it. Lennon plays acoustic guitar on the track while Ringo replaced his vocal and brought in Harry Nilsson ("Everybody's talkin' at me...") to sing the harmonies.

Not only does Ringo Appear on the single sleeve and the video wearing a space suit (thrilling, we love space too!), there's also a UFO flying above the Hollywood Hills at the start (Eee! Ringo as a spaceman AND unidentified flying objects, too much!) - here is the brilliant video, filmed atop Capitol Records, LA!

If you're hearing this for the first time and thinking, "Gee, that song is certainly familiar, why is it so familiar?" - then listen to the original below from The Platters, Ringo sure does make it his own, only just recognisable as the track originally released in 1955!

C'est tout for this week sweets. Don't forget to check the facebook page for a bonus Ringo track!

Much love,
R&L xx

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