Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Refreshing & Reviving

Hello Sweets,

Yesterday we spent most of the day de-Christmassing Twee Towers, and reclaiming our neglected studio, because its a conservatory it gets soo cold in the winter, so we hadn't been in there much and it had gradually got cluttered and chaotic. So we've now refreshed the space, set up new work stations and are excited to be starting this year cleared out and freshened up - ready to go!

Last night we had our first official blog and business meeting of 2012, firing up the heaters in the Studio, snacks and rose tea in hand (yes! We finally got our hands on another box of our favourite floral infused tea!) - we did a quick review of 2011 (which was above and beyond anything we ever expected, that you all so much for your ongoing support!) and did some mapping out for 2012 (ie; starting Christmas in October so we've actually got time to do all of our planned DIYs and actually enjoy the season!)

Here's a little taste of things to come this year from She Dressed in Black:

- A new take on After Dinner Dance Parties. We're still dancing after dinner, however we want to use this weekly slot to pull out some of our old records and have a bit of Vinyl Revival on a Monday, looking forward to putting a new 'spin' on this feature!
- We're changing the way we do our 'Literature Love' feature - we LOVE doing it, so it couldn't be dropped, but we were hating that we had to rush our reading to have something ready every Friday, so we've made a vow to enjoy literature again and we'll be sharing our latest reads every second week going forward. Alternating with making 'Twee Treats' and Recipe posts a more regular occurance, so we'll be sharing recipes on alternate Fridays, in what we hope will be an original and interesting format :)
- Also taking a bi-weekly slot will be continuing with our 'Lauren/Rhi Likes' features & our Sewing School which we mentioned last year as Lauren needs a bit of practise, so we'll be bringing you some sew-along projects to get your teeth into :)
-When reviewing our initial blog plans, something that was quite important to us was supporting local businesses, artists and bloggers (so if you're a Northants based business or blog do give us a shout to see how we could work together!)
- We've had lots of ideas for interesting guests posts, bringing in previous guests and seaching out new ones, if you have an idea you think would be great for She Dressed in Black please drop us a line at the usual address (info[@]shedressedinblack.co.uk)
- With the time loaned to us from our guests we will be able to dedicate much more time in the studio, we're taking smaller and more focussed steps to build up the collection, designs on paper, we just need to do some fabric shopping and we'll be ready to roll! This means much more 'This Week in The Studio' Posts in 2012!
- We're also going to be much more organised, finally arranging sponsorship, sorry to those we've had on hold for so long, December was just so crazy busy, we're only just catching up!
- There will also be a little bit of re-design on our post headers etc.

As you can see we've put a lot of thought into this year and are soo looking forward to getting started. If there's something you'd like to see that we've not mentioned let us know and we'll see if we can squeeze it in...

We've got more exciting projects to unveil later in the week, keep your eyes peeled for those, regular scheduling will return from tomorrow :)

Hope you're all looking forward to what this year will bring.

Much love
R&L xx


Anonymous said...


jennifer june said...

Sounds awesomeee :) Very very organised, I should probably be more organised, but I find it impossible!

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

I'm so excited to see what this new year holds in store for SDIB. I love the idea of a blog meeting. I wish I had a lovely friend blogging on LWBE with me-- we would eat licorice and make plans as well!

Fran said...

What a lovely little studio you have! I spy some very lovely glittery skulls on the top there too! :)

Sounds like you have big plans for 2012! Good luck and look forward to reading your posts.x

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