Monday, 9 January 2012

After Dinner Dance Party // Vinyl Revival

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It's time to put a new spin on an old feature! We're still dancing around the Twee Towers kitchen after dinner to make the tedious task of doing the dishes a little more entertaining but with stacks of vinyl that had been temporarily abandoned in our studio, we'll be using this slot to pull some of our old (and new!) records to share with you! So, concentrating on one vinyl a week, we're starting with one of our most recent purchases, 'Cat's Eyes' with their self titled album!

This album was the soundtrack to our summer last year and we've loved playing it in the studio again this week while we've been getting organised for the year ahead! Cat's Eyes are a duo formed by Rachel Zaffira, a renowned opera soprano and classical multi-instrumentalist and Faris Badwan, lead singer from the London based psych/shoe-gaze band 'The Horrors'.

At the moment, we're absolutely loving the Sixties revival that's beginning to emerge in contemporary tunes. Cat's Eyes, undeniably harks back to Sixties from the Phil Spector 'wall of sound' present in the drums to the wistful vocal delivery, that sounds a little Velvet Underground in the Nico days.

We just love the constant juxtapositions within the tracks; the orchestral production and garagy guitar sounds, the heart-warming melodies and the unsettling eeriness created by the reverb on the vocals. It's a great album to stick on while being creative!

It was so difficult to chose just one song from this album as they all have something really different to offer. We've went for 'Face in the Crowd', the first song that we heard as a introduction to the band for those that are unfamiliar. if you've got a moment, go on youtube and take a look at their gig at the vatican... stunning!

if you've been riffling through your vinyls, let us know what you've been listening to! To hear more Cat's Eyes, check out our Facebook for an additional After Dinner treat!

Happy Dancing!

Much love,
L&R xx

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Kristin Rahn said...

Oh I miss the crackling warmth of vinyl - I absolutely need to invest in a record player ASAP and then start building a vinyl collection! (Or, um, raiding my Dad's! ha!)

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