Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Rhi Likes // Being A Geek

Hey Sweets,

My turn again to share my 'Likes' and this week I'm getting my 'Geek' on. Inspired by this awesome necklace that Lola got me for Christmas from Me & Zena, I thought I'd share a little of my nerdy side (but not too much... or I'll go on forever!)

My number one nerdism is probably my Harry Potter Obsession. Nearly 15 years after I first picked up the Philosophers Stone and I still love it as much as a did as a kid. Pride of place on our cabinet in the halls sits my limited edition copy of The Deathly Hallows and very amazing copy of 'Harry Potter - Page to Screen' (a must for a diehard fans.) ... (though, Queen Potter fan crown must go to my little cousin who out Potter-Nerds me in every respect, girly has a Deathly Hallows tattoo and camped overnight for the final premiere. True fan!) ... There's more, much more, I once wrote a 5-part series on my serious Potter Passion, but I'll maybe save that for another day...

That nerdism leads onto the all day geek-outs at Autograph collection conventions I used to go to with my sister when I was a teenager. Queuing for hours to meet Harry Potter cast members, Various cast members from The Lost Boys (no Corey's though, boo!), Lost cast, Heroes cast, Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who... Eeeeeek! Too much excitement for one nerdy girly to relive all in one paragraph!


Even my consumption of hot beverages is geeky. TEA IN A TARDIS!

I'll stop now...

Much love,
Rhi xx


jennifer june said...

Omg I want to drink tea like you do!! Awesome necklace and we don't see enough geeky babes these days, geekiness is cool in my eyes! However I am also slightly nerdy so may be biased... Hmm

Lauren said...

Love it! I'm married to an aerospace engineer, so we have a pretty nerdy household. We watch A LOT of Star Trek and we even went out of our way to find a VHS set of Star Wars, because they don't have all the new crap George Lucas has put in the later releases! See? We're total geeks.

Becky said...

Oh my God, I am obsessed with Harry Potter! I was planning to camp over for the premiere but I couldn't make it in the end as I was on a plane going to a Harry Potter convention in Florida... Yep. It was amazing! I got to watch the film with a whole cinema filled with die hard fans who totally respected the film. I couldn't have got that anywhere else.

I'm pretty nerdy too. I'm a teacher and I am fanatical about punctuation. I'm such a loser!


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