Saturday, 21 January 2012

A Silent Recipe Film - Chocolate & Violet Cupcakes...

Hey Sweets,

We thought it was about time to do another recipe post (we love sharing our Twee Treats!), and we thought we may as well 'mix it up' a little for you... So She Dressed in Black presents our very first Silent Movie: 'Chocolate and Violet Cupcakes'

The Ingredients:

Cakes -

75g cocoa powder
225ml Boiling water
125g softened butter
275g light muscavado sugar
2 eggs
200g plain flour
2tsps baking powder

Icing -

115g softened butter
60ml semi-skimmed milk
1tsp vanilla extract
500g icing sugar
1-2tbsp Violet Syrup
Violet Sugar for decoration


- Oven set to 180°
- Bake for 25 mins (poke with bamboo skewer to check if its done - if it comes out clean, tis ready!)
- Leave to cool before icing
- Enjoy!

Editors Note: Video length does not represent actual time to bake. We don't move at super-human speed, unfortunately.

Much love.
R&L xx

ps. Special thanks to J for his cinegraphic & editing skills!


Vanessa said...

These look so good! I loved your video!! Love love love

Fran said...

Hello ladies! I absolutely love your little video! So cute and a lovely recipe! I did a similar thing a few weeks ago where a friend and I made a podcast of us making a kindle cover! If you are interested you can check it out here: (It's about 7/8 minutes long I think)

I think it's nice to mix it up a bit sometimes and your video works so well!I hope you'll do more!!!

donna mc said...

You girls make me smile and going to give them a go during the week, well done and well done james :-)

stina said...

i love the video! you should definitely do more, i think. & the cupcakes looks so yummy, i need to try the recipe asap.

elledoubleyouu said...

Such a great idea! You girls are the cutest.

♥ LW

Veronica said...

fabulous! xx

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is just so cute! Darling cupcakes! Violet! No one in the US thinks of this. :)


Anonymous said...

Brilliant will do the trick for my mother in law for mothers day she loves violet creams and this is the first recipe i've found with chocolate cupcakes with violet frosting brilliant thanks!!!

Abby Mifsud said...

These look delicious and I absolutely love the film! You two are so creative. I have a baking blog and would love to do something like this. Thanks for the inspiration <3

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