Monday, 16 January 2012

After Dinner Dance Party // Vinyl Revival part II

Continuing the After Dinner Dance Party Vinyl Revival we're bringing you a classic from the record collection Rhi inherited from her Dad... Simon and Garfunkel's Bookends, one of our favourite albums of all time featuring the timeless 'America'...

Side one follows a concept of life's journey, a plea for the life of a child through to 'voices of old people' - America, the third track, sits in the middle of the journey and tells the tale of a literal and metaphorical journey, one heading eastward across America, in a bid to explore and discover the country, and another in the hope self discovery...

"Kathy, I'm lost" I said,
though I knew she was sleeping,
I'm empty and aching and
I don't know why..."

If we ever decided to leave home and become a stewardess... This would be the song we'd use to explain why.

Happy dancing!

Much love,
L&R xx


N* said... in almost famous ;)

ShyScout said...

Love Simon and Garfunkel - great tunes!

rosie said...

my love for simon and garfunkel is too much for words! <3 <3

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